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searches are cluster you know whats…Its about to get ugly!

A study of history reveals that mankind learns nothing from it. Yes, I’m quite certain I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Once upon a time, we ended up with a guy named John Pelphrey in a manner very similar to this.

Really? Man, it’s been less than a week and HY told the team it would be done within 3 weeks. No one really knows anything because the only people talking are the media, the fans and the coaches’ agents who have an agenda for their clients. There’s nothing wrong or unusual or disturbing about this so far. Why no news is bad news is beyond me.

I think you are taking rumors as facts.

Let him do his job then cheer or jeer.

But don’t do either before all the info is there.

Yes, really. No way HY should have pulled the trigger on firing MA without having his replacement identified and agreed to first. It’s the same thing that happened when we canned Heath several years back. We wound up looking like a monkey dry humping a medicine ball in the “search” and hiring processes which ensued. Yes, I know they thought they had Gillispie lined up, but the rumblings that 10-loss Tubby was on his way out were well heard. His welcome had been worn out at UK. Yeah, it would’ve sucked to be stuck with Stan for another year if that was what it came down to, but it would’ve been better than what we became over the Pelphrey tenure.

Not really, but okay.

Ask Auburn how well that works out (Petrino, Tuberville, etc.).

That never really happens.

I’d tell you to chill, but it’s too late.

:lol: :smiley: :smiley: :lol:

One problem we no longer have is John White wading in to screw up the process. I have no idea if HY knows what he’s doing or not, but I’m hardly concerned we haven’t named someone yet. This time next week, I might be, but not now.