It seems Leach isn’t happy

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He does this at every stop, man😂.

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I think he is learning the SEC is a different animal and he has only faced 3 of the weaker teams. The real trials are ahead for him.

You are correct, Jim. It’s why I didn’t want him to become the coach at Arkansas.

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Apparently HY did not want Leach either. Their interview was brief & no further discussion about him as becoming our HC. I too was relieved that we did not hire Leach. The air raid offense may have a short life in SEC.

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He did not deny that his Sanford transfer QB may be one he needs to purge.

Glad he’s hooked up with Moo U.

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I hoping we see teams playing Arkasas losing after they play us - And Auburn may they be so beat up they lose next

Hoping every team loses after they paly Arkansas because they are beat up

True, but I had rather them lose when they play Arkansas.


There sure was a lot of love on here for Leach after that LSU win. Haven’t seen much since. Anyone know why?

Me too! I want both

Its funny, cause earlier in the week… He was asked about defending his offense and came out and put up 0 points.

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