It seems awfully slow for Hog recruiting,

when might we expect things to pick up?

some always trickle in over the summer, usually in small clumps of 2-5.

I expect a lot of the elite guys, (which is all CCM seem to recruit!) may want to see our first few games.

3-0 with our offense looking like fun and an aggressive defense with sacks, might go a long way with this recruiting class.

Maybe DD should time his vacation appropriately, lol


Probably when you least expect it. They along with everyone else are having spring official visits. I would say June will likely be a busy time because of camps and visits.


Might be slow in terms of commits, but over 600 kids have visited since Jan.

DD & Richard— Dudleys comment above makes me wonder again if getting all those kids on campus leads to signing some real studs. I know there’s been some discussion about that on here but I’m wondering after a few months of hearing the coaches interact, seeing all these kids on campus and more importantly talking to tons of kids over the last 4 months if you guys have an opinion about that. You guys have much, much more conversation than any of us ever could so I’m just wondering what you’re current thinking is. I know it’s still an educated guess at this point but I also believe you guys hear things and see reactions that we never will.

I’ll be honest, what worries me is getting all these high profile recruits on campus and them not committing. I believe that’s why CBB seemed to check out. There was a weekend in which we had a bunch of 4* and 5* players show up. The weekend Texas had the kid come and recruit for Texas. We didn’t sign a single one of those prospects (not counting the commitments that were here helping recruit like Agim). After that Bret seemed to go after and sign 2* and 3* and offer a bunch of blue shirts. I’m hoping that, that doesn’t happen with Morris, but this is Morris’ first year, I think that was Bret’s 3rd or 4th.

We are gonna be visit national champs.

When can we expect to see that Texas pipeline start producing some commits from kids with offers to at least one of the TX P5 schools?

I thought that was the big knock on the last staff–not enough early offers, not enough players (agree on the latter).

But, so far I don’t see results from Offerpalooza. I just see a few commits with offer lists for which Bielema would be hammered.

I would have expected some big-time commits from stud offensive skill positions. So far we are just making everyone’s Top 35 schools.

My opinion would be that the highest rated recruits aren’t going to commit very often in March or April. They don’t have to so that explains some of their actions this Spring.
Didn’t the weekend you’re talking about happen in December or January before signing in February? Big difference in timing.

Yes, I believe it was a two or three weeks prior to NSD.

I think some want to see how the season goes. The other part of me believes it’s the unpredictability of recruiting.

The brand is in the tank. Arkansas offering a bunch of studs is no different than Vanderbilt, Illinois, Maryland, etc. offering elite players. Just because you make the offers doesn’t mean they will trust your plan enough to commit before seeing improved results on the field.

Unfortunately, Arkansas is in a scary place. An SECW bottom dweller for so long elite kids are hesitant to jump on board without tangible proof better days are ahead, but how do you achieve better results with a roster near the bottom of the SEC in terms of talent?

Morris has his hands full.

I agree Jackson. Just hoping we can sign 5-7 of the elite players this year to get the momentum changed and get things rolling. With several highly rated instate players this year that may help things get rolling if we can get 2/3 of them.
There’s a chance this staff can recruit much better than we’ve seen in years and I guess I’m anxious to see if CM’s great energy and talk translates into exceptional recruiting. Tough job for sure but it seems from a distance that things are pointing toward good recruiting.

Given how poor the brand is I think CMM and staff have done an amazing job of getting kids on campus. At this point I’m cautiously optimistic, but the mountain is tall.

I believe that the 4 BIG in state recruits will set the bar for Morris next year. If he can get 3 out of those 4 it will set the tone for his future success.

No one knows yet. I’m optimistic - cautiously.

Going to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco (of course the Cardinals are playing there) during the first week of July so I guess you can expect plenty then if things play out like usual, huh?

on the 8 in-state guys that have been offered

Treyvon Burks - Toss up.

Marcus Miller - Arkansas

Hayden Henry - Toss up

Jayden Jackson - Another toss up, but feel better about this staff landing him for Arkansas than the old one.

Malik Chavis - Arkansas commit and stays as such

Zach Williams - Arkansas

Stacey Wilkins - right now OU and Arkansas as 1-2. I will be around him this weekend and should have a better idea after that.

Darius Thomas - Really no clue - plays it close to the vest


Dudley’s list of Arkansas kids shows just how high the mountain is that CM has to climb. But it does seem to lead to at least 2/3 of the Arkansas kids and then we only need 3/4 others to reach my goal of 5-7 total elite kids (assuming all the Arkansas kids are “elite”). Of course there is a difference in rankings in the top 3/4 Arkansas kids and the remainder.

Just by looking at the players from Arkansas and how unpredictable it is in them going to the hill I’d say it’s tough!
The play on the field will dictate how recruiting goes. It’s not just winning but not getting blown out every week.
That’s my opinion!
If you can get the top talent to visit that’s part of the battle. It is sure beautiful in northwest Arkansas compared to Austin Texas.