It seems as though we dont have a lot of recruiting mo

Am I wrong? How do we compare from last year?

I get the impression our coaches are being more cautious, more selective, more organized, more patient, which is all good.

I think it will pick up. I do think patience is key.

Thinking that as well -

It wasn’t until July 2nd of last year until Arkansas received their 6th commitment.

They got five and six on April 14 this year.

As noted, it’s better off this year.

Expect it up pick up in June and July just like last year

Not meant as a criticism of YOU, Bayou . . . just an observation. And that is that we see a post almost identical to this every year about this time. I remember several last year virtually proclaiming our new coaching staff a total failure as recruiters based on the results (or perceived lack of) to that point.

Again, not saying that you are doing anything of that sort - just talking about the posts from last year.

None taken! Just anxious as we need great classes every year to compete in SECW

this is an EXTREMELY importang class b/c its a building block the last yr’s great class.we have to have a great recruiting yr EVERY yr from now if we are to make up ground we have lost.I think we have to be very selective in who we sign we can’t afford to sign anybody who is not SEC caliber player and IMO we have done that a lot in the past especially on the LOS where games are won and lost. I want to see us bring in some grown men who are physical!! and can play quickly.I want us to take our time and get the right ones who are high quality high intensity players who can play with anyone…looking forward to seeing how this plays out this yr b/c I am not real sure we are going to have a very good season for reasons i have already stated so this yr is VERY important recruiting yr.

They seem to be pursuing high quality players and mostly, they have a lot of options and don’t commit quickly. That is OK by me. Go Hogs.