It seems a critical recruiting year

I know maybe best on Recruiting Board but not talking actual recruits.

Seems we need immediate point guard help. And strong, physical 3-5. Need some power and strength.

Not sure the GT route in smaller conferences like Nevada is way to go, but admittedly just have to get the GT thing right if relying on that as program.

Kudos to recruiting this current young, talented class.

But whether young or old, I’m not sure an Arkansas basketball program wanting to be a consistent NCAA program has needed this next recruiting class as much as this moment to fill in the holes.

Hoping for the best knowing our coach has seen every level of ball.

I still believe that KK is going to be a very good point guard. When Muss mentioned that KK has had foot problems since the first game, I thought that explained a lot. We never got to see the KK that started at Oak Hill his senior year.

Since he needed season ending surgery, I believe that foot was the reason that he didn’t ever look like he had the quickness nor the speed that he displayed at Oak Hill. He was clearly the 2nd highest ranked recruit of the 4. I’m not yet ready to give up on him.

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As of today, we have only one scholarship left. Jackson, Smith and Tate are seniors. We have already signed Moore and Maewin.

It is possible that Moody and “transfer out to be determined”could open up two more spots.

As far as bigs next year, we already have 7-3 Vanover, 6-10 Maewin, 6-9 Iyiola, 6-8 Johnson and 6-8 Henderson.

6’10 Williams.

That’s an interesting thought considering the makeup of the roster. There are 4 guards who are purported PGs or combo guards who have eligibility remaining, including:

  1. Desi
  2. Notae
  3. KK
  4. Devo

Tate could also come back, theoretically.

It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
Desi appears to be about as streaky as they come. Notae looks like a defensively challenged, shot-selection challenged, 2-guard in a PG’s body who can create shots but give up plenty.

KK has some talent but it clearly didn’t click this year. He was barely playing before the surgery.

Devo has shown some flashes in the right kind of game for him, but he has been off the ball, a lot.

Musselman has said he’s not a PG right now. And the last few games against stepped up competition, he has played a ton (28 MPG) shot 2-14 and averaged 4.5 PPG and struggled to keep his man in front of him.

So, the more I look at it, the more I agree. They may sign a PG and there may be some roster churn (probably will be). Much will depend on how the rest of the season plays out.

Was thinking along the same lines Bush. We need another player or two like Moody, that can score the ball against any team consistently. As other posters have noted, some of these transfers have holes in their games right now and I don’t think will be easily fixed. And we need some bigs that can score in the post to help our inside-outside kick out game. At least be a threat down around the rim.

Thanks for the correction.

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