It’s Year 17 and this is the roster we have?

Pitchers that can’t get Sunbelt hitters out. Hitters that can’t score off guys from Greene County Tech.

It doesn’t even look like we put any plays on—just roll the ball out there and expect to win.

We deserve much better than this. This is completely unacceptable mediocrity. I’m sure the DVH lovers will have some excuse. He better shake up his staff.

This is embarrassing. A once proud program that was a national title contender can’t beat a bad Sun Belt team.

His staff better get off their tails and start recruiting. I heard they were totally outworked for tonight’s winning pitcher. Didn’t even come to any of his games at Francis Bland Park.

I don’t really follow the baseball program, but I will day that this is a chance for Yurachek to prove that he is serious about winning.

And even though I don’t really follow baseball, pretty much everything DVH does appears to me to be wrong. But I don’t really follow it. But that’s my strong opinion based on not really following it.

Man…i think you hit them all on that one. Reminds me of street baseball with sticks and rocks.

Well, I get the sarcasm, but the embarrassment of this is terrible. I expected us to win by something like 15-6. Never dreamed we lose like this.

I have no idea if our guys were intimidated by in-state competition, if UALR was inspired by it, if we just didn’t give a crap tonight, or the team is just falling apart. I know we can turn it around. DVH usually does late in the season, but no matter what happens from here on out, UALR will always have won the first game an instate team played against the Razorbacks.

Dave’s theory that this will help Ark HS baseball is a weak one. If he wants to schedule in-state schools because it’s hard to get mid-week games this late, I understand, but this can’t help but be a big boost for UALR’s baseball program. And one thing the UA needs to do is help the athletic programs of other schools in the state. It’s very important for us to have 4-5 major programs in the state that can compete successfully as mid-majors.


Yes it’s embarrassing, but this does nothing to change the landscape of college baseball in Arkansas.

Maybe after LR has made their ninth CWS we can talk again.

I’m venting, man. I don’t think this has any long term impact in baseball in this state, but it pisses me off. I know it makes some fans in this state very happy, though. Besides, I’ve never been a fan of the idea of playing in-state competition. Frank Broyles & John Barnhill were right. In baseball it’s not a huge deal because there are so many games in a season & good teams can lose to bad ones so often. Still, I am afraid of where we’re headed & I think it’s a very bad idea.

Message for the Year 8 crowd, eh? Love it.

we went to college world series last year and finished 2nd. and anderson finished where last year? never sniffed elite 8 much less final four. if anderson had lost championship game last year does anyone really think he would be fired this year. get your digs in but apples and oranges.

It was a total embarrassment no matter how you look at it but like I tried to tell everybody we were ripe for the picking last night our heads were not right after losing the tough series over the weekend now you got to get back out there with a Sunbelt team and try to flip the light switch like nothing happened knowing you had to go to Auburn where we’ve never play well at all.

We better get our head out of our tail and win Thursday night or we got a really good shot of getting swept because we do not hit left-handed pitchers well at all and that’s who they will throw at us Friday and Saturday.

Yes, we got beat bad my a mediocre UALR team…that’s on the players…They weren’t ready for this game…now they have to live with it, particularly the in state kids who have friends at other in state schools and will face the ribbing all year. It’s not the end of Razorback baseball but certainly a black eye for the program.

As Casey Stengel used to say, “Win some, lose some, some get rained out”.
It’s BASEBALL for crying out loud!!! You don’t win EVERY game!.. Casey also said about MLB, “It’s a 50 game season. Everyone WINS 50; everyone LOSES 50; it’s what you do with the OTHER 50!”. In the scheme of things, a mid-week loss is really no big deal!!

I was with you until that condescending remark

Before the season started I was concerned about the pitching staff. The early part of the season proved me wrong. Now…I just hope this is an aberration. One thing is for sure. Our team should no longer be over confident.

If this had been just a “pitching” loss, I would get it. Coach DVH has already said, during the Texas series, that he wants to save his best pitchers for SEC weekend series. This tells me that he is willing to risk a loss to a non-conference foe for the better opportunity to win in conference. But, this was a loss that was epic in so many ways beyond pitching. UALR just wanted this game more and they got it. I don’t believe it has any longterm impact on either DVH or his staff.

Yep, the situations are exactly the same. Mike had us in the NCAAT championship game last year, I just forgot that. Sigh.

Wasn’t in favor of firing Mike, but come on.

You are missing the whole point man. Nothing to do with firing. What he is pointing out is that you could have a roster that is not as experienced any year of coach’s tenure in basketball or baseball. It is not football with 85 scholarships where you can build a sustained roster. It could happen to the next basketball coach somewhere down the road. It happened to Nolan year after national runner up finish. It can happen to a coach regardless of what he did the previous year or years.

They were right to fire Mike for not contending for SEC and National title on an annual basis. That is done. No need to debate that anymore. But right to debate what posters say.

OK. I just took all the “year 8” people stuff to be about firing Mike. And I agree that in any sport, in any given year, the roster can be wonky.

What irritates me about last night was we didn’t throw our non weekend picthers I consider wicklander a weekend type starter then we followed him up with ramage who was one of our best until lately then you follow him up with vermilion who has done pretty well so they did all that damage against three experienced picthers that is absolutely unacceptable!!!

I’m never sure how to feel about the “just wanted it more” claims. Obviously, sometimes a team can just be lackadaisical & can be said not to have wanted it enough. However, I’m not sure that was the case last night. The pitching was awful, but it has been in several games not involving our top 3-4 pitchers. But the fielding errors are inexplicable. At least that many are. I can’t believe it was a matter of wanting it, but there must have been something going on in their heads. We had 4 errors by the scorebook, but several more than that by any reasonable calculation. It was gross.

The pitchers could get to 0-2 and 1-2 and still couldn’t put anyone away! That’s what so hard to take! The darn walks and errors are what’s so unbelievable. Having the bases loaded and Martin up with no outs and he swings like he going to pull a ball out of the park to left when it’s off the plate away by a foot! Then Heston comes up and pops out! Fletcher couldn’t do it with 2 outs! Last night while it was bad isn’t the end of the world. The pitching staff is out of sorts right now and Hobbs needs to get to work! I hope Campbell has a good start against Auburn.

I got put out with Martin’s AB’s last night. You’re right about those swings. With no outs, we didn’t need a GS. Just a base hit would have scored 2 runs & left 2 runners on and still 3 outs to play with.