It’s time

In watching coach Morris preseason update, I heard the words “it’s time” over and over in regard to players. All were recruits of the previous staff. Kids that have talent but haven’t been productive consistently. I think that of this group, and there were many, this is where we will see possible transfers take place after the year is over. Some will step up thank goodness, but some won’t. It’s time to get off the pot so to say. Good to see from our coaching staff. It’s apparent they can recruit. Time to find out who can help, who we can count on , etc.

Also after listening to coach we have depth issues in certain areas. Areas that stood out to me were offensive line, linebacker, and safety. Hope no one goes down like pulley did early last year. Already lost 1 or 2 offensive linemen for probably half the year and one defensive back. First teamers look pretty good to me, but depth is the key. We all know it’s brutal out there in sec land.