It’s the six inches in front of your face

Odds are way against us. Tough year so far.

But I respect the life lesson of perseverance.

Rooting for our guys no matter what today.

Exactly. I just wanna see fight. I wanna be proud of the effort.

Both of you are right. The fight and heart to compete. That’s what being a hog fan is all about.

While I agree heart and competitive spirit are expected, it’s really all about competing in the SEC. When he was hired I don’t recall Bielema saying " I’m not here to win, but I am here to play hard."

If Arkansas plays hard and gets drubbed then it’s not s success. I will be proud of the kids for competing hard, but very disappointed the man and men in charge of putting a competitive team on the field have not done so. A sixth straight P5 loss can’t be categorized as anything other than…well…a failure.

I’m wasn’t commenting on whether the program needs a better business plan for success to be competitive at top of SEC or whether we need coaching change. There is good rationale for both and I won’t argue that at all.

I think Arkansas need do many things much better if we truly want to be a big no doubt.

I’m simply saying I have respect for being beaten down, all the odds against you going into the Lion’s den, and giving a shot against superior talent in a hostile place, knowing you likely will lose.

I respect the life lesson of perseverance for those in the eye of the storm.

We don’t always get to win, but there is something to be said in life for the person who doesn’t feel well, knows he’s fighting an up hill battle, losing the politics, but gets up and goes to work and does his best in the face of tremendous adversity.

I agree with you… the young men on this team are smack dab in the middle of a character building exercise.

it is all about wins and losses - no doubt - but we should resist from throwing the young men who came to Arkansas to play under the bus.

And then backing back up.

Totally agree.

It’s not easy being in the arena.

Totally agree - won’t see me criticizing the players.

We get it. Save the lecture. This thread isn’t about you. Isn’t about Bielema or his status or anything other than, given the situation, first and foremost, we want to see something that will make us proud.