It’s simple...

Mike is not a bad coach.
He knows what he wants to do and knows it will work.
But…he has to have the right players. And he does not.
Honestly, he has two decent scoring options. Though they are somewhat flawed.
Macon is vertically challenged (both in height and actual vertical leap), so he has trouble getting his shot off at times. And Barford is streaky.
Gafford is incredibly athletic but still so raw with a developing post game/shouting touch.
That’s it.

Jones can’t throw it in the ocean right now and Beard is a decent spot up shooter with some nice penetration moments.

Then what?? Nothing.
Mike, however, will change very little. Just not his style.
Unless Jones remembers how to shoot it, it could be a tough season.

Mike will not change his coaching style/philosophy.
That’s just not who he is.
And, he’s not going anywhere right now.
So, here’s to hoping the kids on the way are fast learners and hard workers!
They do seem to be talented.

Just my .02.

How many years does it take a basketball coach to get his players? The LSU coach is in what? Year 1?

A good coach in any sport develops what he/she wants to do to win based off the strengths of his /her players. Our coach’s stubbornness to change is a real problem to me as a fan. His teams appear to be un coached.

Good post, not sure about uncoached but definitely undisciplined. WPS

I remember people saying the same thing in the 1980s about Nolan’s teams. Now I’m not predicting a national championship or even an SEC title anytime soon, but what I will say is I think it’s better to question whether Nolan’s/Mike’s style of play can be successful in this climate of rule changes. There are many styles of play that do not look anywhere near the same but the players are disciplined within that style.

You may be right. Maybe that is a better question.
But I think it is still obvious he still does not have a
full roster of “his guys”.
Can he make deep runs in the tourney with more of his type of players?
I say probably.
He has a couple of different times at other schools.
I do think we will soon find out.

I’m not sure why it took him this long to bring in the type of class he has coming. But it is what it is.
Even if we tank this season, seems foolish to not let him work with the incoming guys + Gafford.
I believe that he will get that chance regardless of this season’s results.

There was a lot of unnecessary angst last year after
a similar mini-slump.
Let’s hope for a repeat.

I agree. I personally think it’s taken this long to get some of the type of players he needs is a testament of how far the program had fallen. When the best players in the state choose to go elsewhere, the rebuilding process takes a little longer. He seems to have built a fence around the state in the recent classes. Got to give him the opportunity to build off these recent classes.

Why after every loss you guys come out of the wood works with all these code words that go all the way back to Nolan’s days. You can say the team didn’t play well or missed defensive assignments, but saying they are poorly coached and undisciplined is highly offensive and highly inaccurate. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for a coach to NEVER have a losing season with undisciplined teams. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for you to be 1 of 65 teams to make the NCAA tournament if your team is undisciplined. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have an 80+ win home win percentage with undisciplined teams.

If you want to watch undisciplined basketball go to your local park and watch pick-up basketball. I play pick-up basketball and I can assure you we don’t run motion offenses, we don’t switch to multiple defense throughout the games, and we sure as heck are not running foul court presses/traps. For anybody that ever played the game of basketball in a competitive setting at the high school level or higher, we can see the discipline it takes to play in CMA’s system. Most of the stuff they do requires an incredible amount of conditioning and having high basketball IQs. I guarantee all you guys sitting on your couches talking about how undisciplined our team is wouldn’t last the first 15 minutes of practice. I know I wouldn’t.

In a slump.
And at this point pitiful.


I waited 1 day to post. Back in the day we would always have a slump about mid-season. I feel for the guys.

WE COULD NOT written a better script for the SEC West to get good at FB and now in BB SO WE"RE ready to roll. A team to roll with. And BOOM. O dear the other teams are MUCH improved.

BUT wait ALL the other teams i n the SEC West is better. A LOT BETTER.

I’m calling it now NO NCAA Tour. this year.

From a 4-5 seed to left LEFT in the dust.

  1. There’s no SEC west in basketball.

  2. We were a 6 seed in last week’s bracketlogy, we’re a 7 seed in today’s updated bracketlogy.

I’m kinda disappointed you took a day to post and in that entire day you didn’t do any research before you posted. Sad.

Anderson has an old school system and we know where the genesis comes from and that’s OK. What he doesn’t have from Nolan is the passion and player fear of not succeeding we all witnessed in the heyday. When you throw in the talent gap from the 90’s (not as big as it used to be and seems to be getter better), the result is what you see on the court now. We all love Anderson and hope he’ll lead us to those glory days but right now he’s only a small element from those championship years with missing ingredients that will probably never fully materialize. Anderson is a very good coach, but Nolan was a great coach and that’s our reality.

Blu, I understand there is no East & West.

It’s the trend I’m looking at. And I cover many years in making that statement. Hope I’m wrong and could be.

I looked at the win’s and loses of every team left on our schedule.

I made a statement after home games and road games.

I have no clue who you are but it’s pretty sad you call me out like that.

34 years of season tickets. I let go due to health. IF THE trend continues we’ll soon be a bubble team.

Your assuming we STOP losing home games and start winning some on the road.

Sad you make that statement, pretty low. You do know we are 11th in the standings RIGHT?

So that leaves just about every team ahead of us.

If we lose to MU 4th in the conf. at home we’re in big trouble.
O Missy split
Lite–Toss up
A&M split Should win 2 But??

15 more A&M Vandy, O missy behind us (THAT WE ALWAYS WIN— Just kidding

VERY possible to win only 5 more.
At best I’m saying 8-7

19-12 Best HOPE I’m wrong OR 16 & 15

IMO They are going by the RPI and just about everybody is ahead of us.

AT this point BLu Sky wonder boy something has got to change and a 8-10 game winning streak comes again this year or we’re sunk.

AND I AM A FAN that Bets has seen more games since 1971 than you have…

Considering I’m only 30 years old. I’m sure you seen more hog games than me. I’m confused on what that has to do with your post about you claiming we were doing bad in the SEC west in basketball (when there’s no divisions in basketball) and then claiming we played ourselves out of the tournament (which we are clearly still in the field if season ended today). I was just letting you know your both statements were factually inaccurate. Don’t want to be corrected, don’t post wrong information.

And as far as your season tickets and how you’ve been watching since 1971. That’s your personal background, I don’t need to know any of that. I just had another poster tell me about how he owns a Cabin and how he’s been watching the hogs since 1959. Why do you guys feel the need to tell me this stuff? We’re talking about the 2017-2018 basketball season.

And I realize people are starting to get in their feelings. So, I’m going to wait until after the game before saying anything else. I’m having to catch myself getting into too many arguments the past couple days, some of these posts have been irritating me, so I’m chilling until this Mizzou game.