It’s pretty simple to me

Do they think (as it seems to be blatantly obvious) that Morris is in over his head?

If so, you don’t wait. You pull the plug. You don’t worry about some perceived issue with doing it after Year 2 instead of Year 3.

No coach that would come here after Year 3 is going to not come or not have interest because they fired an O-fer coach with the worst resume in school history after Year 2.

They painted themselves into this corner. They made a really bad hire. And they were willing to break the bank for Malzahn.

So, they need to make the tough decisions and get it going in the right direction.

If they think it’s bad now, just wait til these guys can’t recruit off of hope and cliches and have to start accounting for the product they’re putting on the field.

It’s one thing to lose. It’s another to look like a junior high team doing it and then come out and say you knew it was going to happen in pregame because the guys were clowning around.

Well, where would they ever get that idea? Would it have been from partying in the locker room with their HC in the locker room like they won the NC after squeaking out a win against mighty CO State?

For me, that was when I knew it was over. It wasn’t the celebration. It was the Knute Rockne-like speech he gave. I just thought have fun, but at least act like you’ve been there a little.

Then, I realized he hasn’t been there—not against a P5 time and he won’t have a realistic chance to beat one until 2021. Let that sink in.

That’s not because of the talent gap alone. That’s because of the talent gap AND the one clear coaching gap.

So, again, to me, it’s simple. If he isn’t the answer and never will be, there’s no reason to delay the inevitable.

Find a competent coach. It doesn’t have to have to be a big name—probably won’t be. But it needs to be someone who would never in a million years get his visor handed to him by a San Jose St coach that cried on TV in the post-game interview and skipped off of the field like Mary Poppins.

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there ya have it. good post

I think what you are saying is obviously true and what they will do. The problem is they haven’t answered your first question. They don’t know at this point if he is or isn’t in over his head. They need more time. Some on here think they know. They may be right. There aren’t any consequences to all the decisions being made on a message board. They certainly aren’t wagering their job and future. Those that have to make the decision have to get it right and at the right time because there are consequences to their decision. Agree or disagree but that’s where this program is.

Excellent post and you are exactly right. I just hope that we do exactly as you said!,

He has to show hope and confidence that he can coach and win the easiest of games.

We all give him a pass on lack of experience on team and lack of experience in SEC.

This wasn’t SEC.

Show Razorback nation you understand gravity of horrible football product put on the field.

We can give a pass for a lot.

But lack of coaching to beat a high school team is pathetic any way you slice it.

If it’s “pretty simple”…

  1. You are smarter than every decision maker INSIDE the Program.

  2. You are NOT privy to all the information the decision makers INSIDE the Program are in possession of.

  3. You are NOT considering ALL ramifications of making THAT call at THIS time.

  4. Your career is NOT dependent on which call to make and when to make it.

Sometimes decisions (and their timing) are not so simple as they may appear.

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I agree Notorious - if that conclusion is reached you pull the trigger. Especially for a program that’s been down for the better part of 8 years.

There is no patience left - this program is hemorrhaging ticket buyers and donors.

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Great post. Nuff said.

Yes. I agree w original post.

“Mercy” :sunglasses:

Good post.

HY needs to:
Give CCM til November to see if he can turn this around & not repeat last year.
See how many more top commitments decommit & current players transfer out.
Ask JJ to ante up the coaching buyouts for his bad hire.
Be screening & interviewing proven coaches with success & desire to coach & recruit for UofA.
Make the change after the last game so we can secure recruits & give the new HC time to set-up
staff & recruit.

After these 1st few games, now realize we have a good recruiter but not a good HC.

I cringe about the buyout, but that is pocket changes when compared to lost attendance revenues, loss of donors, & impact on campus enrollment (that is declining) - not to mention long term or permanent damage of losing alumni & in state support/fanbase of the program. By waiting til year 3, we make this a much more difficult & uphill battle for the new HC.