It’s offical,

We beat the dog snot out of Sanford and Sons.



Wow o wow. I would never have projected besting Stanford by 2 TDs and a 2 point conversion.

I got to say I have a big ole dish of crow coming my way soon. I’ll admit the last month of the season I thought we were collapsing and done. Then the SEC 0-2 and totally playing our way out of getting a regional. I figured this team for a quick exit and no real shot at Omaha.

Well… all they did was go in the road and beat the #7 national seed then on the road again and beat the #10 national seed. Now in Omaha we just beat the snot out of the #2 national seed. Amazing so far. Amazing.

I don’t know what DVH did or heck maybe they all got on Kopps magic “Beet Juice”, but these guys are playing fantastic.

Last year I think we spent too much energy to win the SEC Tourney and that contributed to our downfall. I think the 0-2 SEC this year let them get home, relax a bit, and re-focus on things and it has certainly made a world of difference.


I don’t really care about Hoover. Winning that just screws your pitching up for what matters. It is nice to be able to go to Hoover and win a couple of games if you need to win to get in the real tournament.


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