It’s not like we weren’t horrible last year too

I really thought around 6-6 this season thinking last year’s talent might want to play this year.

It appears last regime did not recruit well last several years and it showed their last two seasons.

If you take a step back, with exception of a few really good years, we have been mediocre at best for almost three decades now.

I believe we have won only about a third to half of conference games in SEC.

If, If we really want to take our place among the bigs and be seen as a traditional power program nationally, we clearly have to do things differently and much better.

That may mean hard dramatic change.

Personally I will give up our typically .500 program to reset if that means a real shot at 9-11 wins as a general rule.

We all know that recruiting has not been top level and certainly not consistent for almost three decades alongside bigs we want to be.

We complain about coaching often but expect coaches to win big with typically medium level Jimmys and Joes.

We expect Knute Rockne and Vince Lombardi types to win with half the talent than bigs they compete against.

Coaching matters of course, but you need some Gippers and Golden Boys every year to be at the top.

We are at a program low. There are many contributing factors.

We were not exactly top ten last year and rarely had a top program over multiple years in modern era.

We have to do things differently to play at the top.

I’m tired of being patient. We are a proud fan base with good history.

But maybe just maybe we are truly laying a foundation to be more than just mediocre in the future and in a more sustainable way than past decades.

I’m holding onto hope still.

Arkansas is 166-223-5 all-time against teams currently in the SEC.

Thank you, Dudley.

That says a lot.

Thing is we are way worse this year with most of the same players with some nice additions

Most being the key word … losing Austin Allen and replacing him with Ty and Cole is huge.

QB us the most important position in college football.

QB is the most important position at any level, as i mentioned in another thread Enos would have Kelley performing at a much higher level than anyone has performed this year.

Perhaps your right, but last year he didn’t perform at a high level.

I never thought that “the fans” would ever be missing the Allen brothers.

There has been a lot of bad football in the post Petrino era and I thought that the Allen brothers were unjustly blamed for the poor to mediocre seasons.

It’s going to take a bunch of better player to break out of the bottom of the SEC .
The play is so bad that all you can do is change players and start replacing coaches who can get talented freshmen ready to play asap. Good luck. WPS.

I agree with most of your post, but getting freshman that are ready to play in the Sec are far and few and getting them to Arkansas has proven to be nearly impossible. WPS