It’s high time!

Arkansas start paying players to come here…

After all it’s legal in today’s game!


We would have probably kept Qualls had Monk and Perry

As sad as it is, to think we likely would have Perry and probably a couple other studs if we played the cash game. I just don’t think we can be competitive if pretty much half the SEC is paying and we clean. Auburn, LSU, Miss State…just sad pretty sad.

Bro we sign players like Gabe, Boobie Jenkins, and Ibby Ali smh and we advocate for this guys to start when ito hard to believe they were offered

I was just thinking the same thing. Is it time to start paying our way to the dance every year? Football?

To think we are recruiting with all things equal is laughable. Or our heads are in the sand.

I mean we have great facilities, great tradition, great college town yet MS state recruits better than us smh

Mike won’t do it, maybe the next coach

I was thinking the same thing… If the next coach decides to pay players I’m with him…

Until he gets caught LOL :joy:

I wonder how many legitimate programs and teams are in the SEC? NCAA Tourn? Top 25?

Well I know of one for sure and that’s us…No way we paid for this roster

They better pay Raymond Hawkins before the big sharks start coming in…

And they might want to put a real offer on the table for Mo$e$ Moody

How is paying players going to change how they are coached?

Dude let’s be real Calipary is not a good coach he’s a good recruiter and the likes… If I was a betting man I’m sure Mike Anderson would have more Wins than Cal with the same talent hands down

I just want us to outwork everyone, and become a extremely honorable legitimate program like everyone else is. Whatever every other team in the SEC is doing in recruiting every single year. We should one up that.

if we pay for players…we’ll be the ones nailed by the NCAA…not the ones who have been or are doing so…its the way our luck runs…

We got a top 25 football recruiting class coming off a 2-10 season without paying players. Right? Right?

Yeah, sounds pretty unlikely.

We will never win big in today’s competitive landscape without paying players in football and basketball. Fact.

I hope ARKANSAS870228 isn’t a betting person…or he would penniless. There is no way Mike is a better coach than Calipari. Cal can obviously beat Mike with his own players & he would take Mike’s players & beat his own players.


Seems most of the known cheaters are now coaching in the SEC. Coaches that at other programs got some sort of NCAA sanctions after they ran out the back door. I guess there is a learning curve with the pay for play scheme.
So how long before our honest staff gets caught paying players?
They would essentially be rookies at this compared to the others.