It’s gonna take some $$

How does Naz Reed get to LSU…, $$$. NCAA allows it appafently, until we start doing the same we won’t be able to get back to the level fans want.

I agree. . The big boys do it and they are rewarded for it. Hailed in glory for it as brilliant minds and tremendous workers, superior coach’s. Some even get caught and are rewarded with another great job and do it again. It’s a joke really. Rigged system.

I want no part of cheating!

The guy that beat us today is one of the worst. Already involved in the FBI stuff. No one cares. Beat goes on.


Agreed as well

Not gonna win in this era without doing it, Mike can’t outcoach anyone.
It’s true, too much $$ floating around, shoe companies and agents control game.

He’s been outcoaching them, his SEC record compared to everyone else speaks for itself. He just can’t take them right now with a bunch of freshmen. But, I"m still hopeful we can turn this season around this 4 game stretch here is the most brutal part of our schedule and we’ve still been competing well.

After games like this, I always look back to that 2015 off-season. We’re still feeling the effects of it. Literally everything that could have went wrong went wrong.

  1. Our SEC POY, who had been telling people he was returning, changed his mind and entered draft.
  2. Our 2nd best player, who was a projected late second rounder who should have came back decided to leave early and enter the draft.
  3. Our starting PF gets kicked off the team for punching someone in a club and messing with counterfeit money.
  4. Our starting PG and All-Freshman SEC player misses the entire first semester because of suspension with counterfeit money.
  5. Our freshman with the most upside transferred out.
  6. Our highest rated recruit is ineligible, then gets eligible the very next year at another school.

I can’t think of a team that’s ever had an off-season that bad. To recover from that just to be competitive, we had to stack the team with JUCOs and transfers the following year, and it was honestly like putting on a band-aid, it fixed the bleeding for a couple of years, but now that we’ve taken the band-aid off we can still see the scar not having any upperclassmen or experience this year. Then to make things even worse Khalil Garland is medically ineligible and we probably got the most unexpected transfer ever in Darious Hall leaving. And I’m not trying to make excuses for CMA, his recruits, his problems, but man he’s caught some really bad breaks during his time at Arkansas that’s stopped us from going to that next level. I really thought we had arrived after that 14-15 season.

Let me be clear, I don’t want any part of it either. But it’s just the soul of the sport now. You want in? I’m guessing there is a cost now days. So it pretty clearly appears.
We are banging our head against a wall we pretend isn’t there.

So we can only win if we cheat.

And Everyone we lose to must be cheating?


That’s one perspective

There are definitely teams we play that are cheating or known to have cheated. Is it every team we lose to? NO

If we cheat, we get caught and the death penalty would re-emerge. That’s just the way our luck is.


Well said. I agree 100%. CMA has got to do better, but doesn’t excuse the cheaters either.

I can’t believe when the FBI probe came out I actually thought something was going to happen to these cheaters.

And for the list you have I would add Avery Johnson as well, let’s not forget Alabama’s shady dealings revolved around Colin Sexton, his name was linked in the probe. And I’m pretty sure Texas A&M was cheating when Stansbury was on staff, so I add them to the list as well. That’s almost half our league, and nothing is done about it. It’s really unfortunate.

The only way something happens is if the FBI charges the Head coaches. There won’t be any action take. By the lame ducks in the NCAA office. They are getting their pockets lined too!

You have to win on the floor against the cheating coaches and the sorry refs that pander too these same coaches.

Seems like only one option left David Keeney


Amen ! Army I’m with you on this one. WPS

I forgot about Vandy, yea, it’s super sketchy there as well. And I had forgot about South Carolina’s shady dealings with Thornwell. TBH, only coaches I’m pretty sure don’t cheat in the SEC are Anderson, Barnes, Davis, Martin, and White.

I’ll tell anybody that straight up the rest of them are full out cheaters or they do stuff in that’s in the gray area. They can call me an apologist, excuse maker, or whatever, I call it the ability to look at a situation and use common sense to figure out what’s going on.

Vandy hasn’t hit the headlines like LSU, Auburn, Alabama and Kentucky. They will give him time he will make a guest appearance on the carpet.

Cheating reflects on the coach, the players, the institution, and the fan base. It reflects poorly. It speaks of a win at any cost mentality, including the very soul of your institution (just ask SMU what it means). I require a coaching staff that is honorable in its dealings with student athletes, with fans and with the institution it plays for to give my monetary support. I am ashamed of LSU’s willingness to accept their present situation in basketball without being willing to take an honest look at the circumstances as it reflects poorly on them, Arkansas, and the entire SEC. If allegations are true , the SEC (not the NCAA) should issue severe penalties. If the conferences were willing to issue severe penalties in order to maintain integrity, things would change. However, because the fans maintain a “win, I don’t care how” mentality, it is not likely to happen. Regardless, CMA will be held to a standard that is hard to compete with,; he must win within the rules. I am ok with this and, I suspect even though it puts him at a disadvantage, he is too. He is that type of person.