It’s done



Now, this is what Google should have hit up my phone with instead of the stupid Muss and AZ article!


Woo Hoo! WPS!

The best news. Congrats to Muss and HY.

Son of a…

Now I have to get out of bed and make myself a drink!


Can’t wait to hear more. Great news

Too funny. Right after reading that news, I went out and got the celebration drink of my choice, a Coors Light. I didn’t have to get out of bed to get it, but at my age, I KNOW I’ll be up peeing 2 or 3 times tonight after drinking it this late! But boy, is it worth it.


never a doubt!wonder if todays visit to LR for both him and Neighbors didn’t include the Board of Trustees blessings…and approval of new contracts

Oh Happy Day!! Over the moon about this news! Massive congratulations to our amazing AD Hunter, Coach Muss, and Razorback fans everywhere! So happy to have Muss continue to drive our bus! It just keeps getting better…GO HOGS GO!! OneRazorback Baby! WPS!

Nope, that would have required a notice of the meeting, better chance of a meeting with the money, no notice required, lol. He was down there to support the NIL bill, and to hear how everyone loves him!

Looking at that picture, Muss MIGHT be slightly taller than Jennifer Yurachek. Might.

I haven’t been too worried about this, but glad to hear it’s nailed down.

Here is one of the huge huge differences between HY and what we had with long. When there are negotiations going on, there are absolutely NO reportable inside leaks going on. baked not withstanding. . . .With long, sometimes things were leaked before they’d even talked to the other party about what had been decided. This undermines everything. I always thought that those leaks were coming from the BOT until HY came along and now there is no info coming out until its signed sealed and delivered.

As a result we are seeing better coaches on the hill. If I am an outside coach and interested in a job, throw my hat into the ring and first thing that happens is that info is leaked to the media it puts me in a bad position at home and I pull my name AND the next guy that might be interested won’t even throw his hat into the ring.

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Now we just wait for the contract details tomorrow.

So thankful that we have HY as our AD! What a change in UofA athletics outlook & national status as compared to Long’s disastrous tenure.

HY has proven to be a proactive, interactive, & competent AD & manager who has made the right upgrades in coaching staffs & has positioned all UofA sports to be successful. All that I have heard & read about HY is that the coaches & staff respect him & enjoy working for him. UofA would not have the current success & future positive outlook in all sports without him.

Biggest difference besides what you have described is that HY does not make Razorback Athletics about himself. He is content to be not seen or heard. He is not in your face all the time. I like that.

Who’s idea was it for all of the creative pics to commemorate the occasion?
I’m guessing Danyells.

The buyout drop in a year worries me. Big buyouts keep coaches from running off. It’s low for a reason; he wants to be able to leave if the right job comes calling next year and we don’t do right by him. I would do the same thing were I him.

I think 4 is about right, but if he does it again next year, we might have to bump him to 6 to keep him. I suspect 6 this year would have locked him in for life, but good business on our end does not pay that much without proof he can maintain the success.

I suspect if Muss maintains the success, he’ll get a lot more money and retire here.

Regarding buyout language, a large buyout amount, in my opinion, may make one’s Coach harder or at least more expensive to hire, but if it is what keeps him/her in place it seems a lose-lose scenario.

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