It’s being reported that

Hudson Clark was at Safety and Sam MBake at cornerback in the early period in today’s practice.

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It can’t hurt and you have to try something new!

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I have been wondering why Hud wasn’t moved to safety forever now.

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I have looked at the 2 deep chart (a couple of weeks ago) and thought this…

Blair has got to go, zero coverage or tackling skills


Practice report is in this story:

Bayou, I understand your frustration, but you might as well stop with the Blair has to go stuff. If there were a better solution, the coaches would have them back there. It’s their livelihood on the line, not ours. Blair played alot last year too, so clearly he is seen as having value.


Blair is a great kid from a great family. He attended my Alma Mater Dollarway PB. Friends in administration there think the world of him and his family. He walked on and ended up a team captain because he’s a leader. I know he’s had coverage issues but remember he’s a fine young man.


I agree with all that. But there’s no question that BMFP and Bama very clearly targeted him, repeatedly and successfully.


Really nice stop by Blair on a 3rd down early in third quarter. Came up and made a great tackle on the ball carrier and we scored on next possession. Big play by Simeion.

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I noticed at least one other time he made a really solid tackle up close to the line of scrimmage. It’s when he’s in open space that he has problems. As discussed in another thread it seems to be a lack of quickness–and speed. Plus I think he’s made more mental errors than what he should have with his experience.

He is a truly good person. Great Mom & Dad. He gets every ounce out of the ability that God has seen fit to given him. Why fans on WHS want to dis him is a mystery to me. Says more about those posters than Simeon.


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