It’s a small world...

I found myself in London today on my extended business trip. Since it was Sunday I decided to visit a church in central London near Kings Cross. I arrive and meet a couple from Huntsville, Arkansas. We spoke for a few minutes. I’m sure if spoke longer we would have found someone in common we both know. I have met Razorback fans all over the world.It’s always good to meet someone from home when you are a longs ways away.

I was amazed at a random reference in one of my favorite fly fishing books. I just wouldn’t have expected to see it and why it was there.

Thomas McGuane is one of the all-time greats. So he’s writing one of his great essays about salmon fishing in Russia. It would have been in the 80s. He mentioned that his Russian guide had just taken NBA player Mookie Blaylock salmon fishing, and what a good guy he was.

Now, that timing would have been just after I had covered Blaylock at Oklahoma. Blaylock was one of my favorite interviews. I was just beginning to learn a little about fly fishing. Blaylock told me that he was looking for a hobby and I suggested it. Little did I know that he would take that next step and become a fly fisher.

Now that’s wild that a kid growing up in the hood would very soon after going to the NBA, decide that he would take a salmon trip to Russia.

That’s different than your story of meeting a Huntsville couple in London. But I had to share it. That one paragraph in McGuane’s book just jumped off the page at me. Who would ever think that there would be a Mookie Blaylock reference in that classic fly fishing book – perhaps THE classic book on the subject.

I won’t ever go to Russia for salmon. I would consider that a bucket list thing. Maybe my ultimate bucket list would be to travel to Mongolia and try to fight a taimen. I’m not going to do either, but I can at least have a bucket list.