It’s a night for a pot of chili

Yes, beef stock is key. And brown the 3 lbs. ground beef till its almost crispy and all water is out and brown bits form on pan bottom. I also add a TSP or 2 of this magic:


Three kinds of chili powder, light on cumin, diced onions, garlic, both onion and garlic powder, Mexican oregano, squeeze of honey, squeeze of lime juice, can of fire roasted tomatoes (or 2), no beans or kidney beans, either way. Dash of Lea & Perrin. Again, beef stock is better than water.

When I was a boy I used to eat at Mack’s Cafe in Altheimer. My favorite there was his chili and a chocolate malt. I ate that before one of my basketball games and barfed like crazy. I never ate that combo again. I love a good bowl of chili, but I drink a glass of milk with it. My wife says I’m weird.

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Wow! Tell me I have to try it.

I knew my chili would be boring. We got some cooks here.

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Mine too Clay! I only learned how to make my own about a year ago so I’m not trying to win no chili cook-off LOL. I do good to remember the four or five items that I got in mine🤣

I think Clay was looking for a free recipe :grin:


A bunch of them. I love it, food is a great item to stew over.


Chicken chili, anyone?

Great Northern beans do a number on my system but it is worth it.

I get a rotisserie chicken from the grocery and the cooking and season of the chicken is done. It having its own flavor seems to work for me?

Roasted green chilis and tons of garlic and cumin. I add a container of chicken stock when the beans are cooking. Then, about 20 minutes left in the cooking, I stir in either a small container of heavy cream or half cup of milk + half cup of sour cream.

Easy to turn that into something different with shredded cheese, tortilla strips, or nopales. I’ve not cooked with nopales (cactus) but a friend did and I couldn’t get enough of their chicken chili.


Beans. They provide a spot of heft to soak up the flavors and don’t hurt anything,

I know many will think I am horrible,.

Just my opinion.


Yes we do Clay! After reading your post last night, I’m trying to shame my wife into making a pot of her gumbo…andouille sausage and chicken. I’m out of shrimp or we’d do seafood gumbo. I’d make it but I don’t have the patience for doing the homemade roux…which is the best aroma ever!


BTW not that is matters it’s expensive to buy all the fixings for my chili! And I make a huge pot (most times).


Nothing good is free. Except advice here. And it’s top notch. A chili cook off with everyone here would be a bunch of winners.

I know that I will use some of these ideas. Flavor town has arrived.


My wife is the chili connoisseur in our family and her chili is unique and the best I’ve had. It involves roasted chili peppers that are rehydrated, blended up with seasonings including cinnamon and added to the ground meat for simmering. There are no tomatoes or beans in her recipe.


That’s more of a true Texas red. Where chili started. Would love to try it


My chili I use diced tomatos, onions, sliced fresh jalapeños with seeds, chili grind burger, venison and roast or steak in 1 inch cubes. If I have ground pork, I’ll add it. I’ll use red beans, black beans or some such. Cumin, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, dried jalapeños, salt, pepper. The most important ingredient is bottle of dark beer. Shiner, Guinness or some such.

Flour and brown roast. Remove and leave fat. Brown rest of meat, leave fat. Toss in roast and rest of ingredients with liquids, cover and cook for a few hours. Adjust spices as needed and skim fat toward end. If you refrigerate overnight, pull the fat cake off top in the morning and discard

Serve with cornbread. It isn’t spicy, but the flavor is amazing.


I stay away from the jalepeno seeds. Trouble. Russian roulette.

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Hard to find a truly “boring” chili, if it’s cooked by someone who really loves chili and has been working on their own recipe for years. There are so many really good recipes out there.

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I don’t use cocoa, I use dark baking chocolate
Just about 1 ounce, grated


Good info. Thanks Doc. Now I’m excited to try that. I took some chocolate chili to a loose office competition once. Got a lot of votes. But did not win. A traditional chili won. Too many were turned off by the sign in front that said chocolate chili and would not even try it. Later after I said I made it some came back and liked it. But the votes had been cast elsewhere.

Many at the office respect my cooking. I made apple pancakes for everyone as a March of Dimes fund raiser several times. They were a hit.

My wife makes the chili in our house…I make the chicken and dumplings