It remains to be seen

But it seems that the Chad Morris regime is running into the same problem that defeated previous Arkansas coaches. Hogs can’t win enough head-to-heàd battles with the Big Dogs for the good recruits. Progress is being made, but will it be enough?

Time will help, it’s really hard to recruit with the state of the hogs right now.

If he can go and win some games next year, it gets much easier.

He’s done a better job than j expected given the circunsrances

Bielema won several battles against Bama, OU, Florida, FSU and others. I expect this staff to do well especially with their ties in Texas.

The Negative Nancys just can’t wait to jump on this new coaching staff.

Some people will complain about the sun coming up
today and probably twice on Sunday.

Sometimes it’s nice to find something positive to talk about! The weather was wonderful today and the hogs got a win on the hardwood. The Gymbacks got a big win last night. Today was media days for the diamond hogs!
What a great day.

Hum. Positive thoughts. Hogs got a win on the hardwood, Gumbacks got a big win over Georgia last night, today was media day for the diamond hogs and I’m not sure how the track team finished today.
All in all a good day in Razorbacks athletics. And by the way I haven’t heard of us having a coach accused of covering up unethical or illegal conduct. I’d say it’s been a great day.

I wouldn’t say we can’t win just yet. Give it another year or two and I think we win more of these battles.

Myles Mason, Rakeem Boyd, LaDarrius Bishop and Billy Ferrell - all with impressive lists - sure seem like big gets to me.

If they get Tyree Wilson from Texas A&M, Florida and others as well as Ryan Winkle, I would count them in the same boat.

We’ll see how it comes down these last few weeks, but I believe to pronounce one thing or the other right now would be - as you pointed out - premature

Believe Boyd will have the biggest impact on the team next year of any of the new recruits. Thick this is most likely.

Well, they got two to flip from Miss. State after the coach left for Florida. But Miss. State is not one of the Big Dogs. Bigger than Arkansas, yeah, buy not really big. Just a bulldog.

Ms State is not a bigger dog than we are.

They may have been under yhe horrible guide of bret bielema, but without dan Mullen they are historically very bad.

But with Mullen they were bigger.

Hey may have had better records at time, but they were not bigger. Their facilities aren’t even close to UofA.

From 12-16 they owned us, largely because look who was our coach.

But the over all record is 15-9.

They are a tier below UofA, always have been. And Starkville is a dump.

Gotta give it time, he has not been on the job 3 months and were already saying what the staff cant do… Give him time let him win some games and he will be able to bring in top recruits…