It probably is not a good sign for our "upset" chances . . .

. . . that both Syracuse and Cal upset Clemson and Washington State (respectively) last night. That, on the heels of Iowa State stunning OU last week . . . and even the Tide’s own close call with A&M.

I’m afraid Nick will have the ammunition he needs to make his team actually think that we DO have a chance. I was hoping we could slip in under the radar, so to speak. Not sure that’s possible now.

But I’ll still watch the game . . .

You’re probably right, Wiz, but I’ve thought our chances were so low that these things won’t really have much impact. It’s not just that we played so bad against SC. It just seems that this isn’t even a typical Alabama powerhouse. This looks like the best team they’ve had. And we know how good that would be.

I don’t see anyone stopping Bama or Bama failing to stop anyone. They might make some crazy self-imposed mistakes that allows another team to score or they might fumble or something to stop themselves somewhere along the line. If that happens against a good team, they might lose. Against a poor or mediocre team, it’ll just mean the game is closer than it might have been.

Today I just hope for no injuries and that we keep it respectable. Never thought I’d say something like that, but that’s the most I can muster.

But, like you, I’ll watch. After all, the Hogs are still my team. That happened to me as a child. I’ll take that affliction to the grave.

Looking forward to seeing Kelly play with confidence and energy even if he is knocked around like we know will happen. He has an air about him that even Bama won’t shake and the future is bright riding on his large shoulders. The coach speak about Allen this week leads me to believe he won’t see the field and if he does, this is the last team to run out a hurt QB against. Let the big man play and knock down a few Bama players along the way and give the rest of the team some confidence we can win again down the road.

I agree with this totally plus it’s a built-in excuse for CBB.