It occurred to me that if we beat MIzzou

and Bama beats Auburn as most expect, then if LSU beats A&M we will be in a 4 way tie for 3rd…That would have been hard to imagine in August,…1 pt. loss AT Oxford and a 7 pt. loss AT Tuscaloosa ,…Sam and the team have done a damn good job this year…


It’s a three-way tie for third if Bama wins. The four-way tie would be if Auburn beats Bama. Auburn is 3-4, a loss would be 3-5. The tied teams would all be 4-4.

The teams tied for third at 4-4 in conference would be Arkansas (8-4), aTm (8-4), and MSU (7-5). I would think Arkansas having the head-to-head wins over the two others, as well as overall record same as aTm and better than MSU, Arkansas would be in line for the better bowl among the three. I understand other factors play into bowl invites such as audience draw, both TV and at the game. Still, Arkansas should get a great bowl matchup if this scenario plays out.

We’ll see, it starts with a win this afternoon.

Sorry,first of all im on wrong board,…second i googled the sec standings and it showed Auburn 4-3 which Is wrong, and I should have remembered that from looking at this earlier this week. .Would be a 3 way tie with us listed first if LSU can pull it out due to head to head…

Yeah if we’re tied with TAM and Moo U we beat both of them. But either one beats the preseason projections of 6th or 7th. Worst case scenario is a tie for 5th.

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