It never rains…

In Southern California ….

Until it does. This seems bizarre to me.

It rained a LOT when I was there

They’re having a long-running drought. I hope this rain helps some. Maybe fills some reservoirs, brings snow to mountains, and brings some amount of relief.

And some of it makes it over the mountains and to hear. We have been in the extreme drought range. December has been very good for moisture and got more snow today. That is a good thing… We need that pineapple express to go all spriing!

I talked to my friend in Scottsdale yesterday. They were getting some rain, & they need it desperately.

First rain during the Rose Bowl game in 25 years. We’ll take it, though we’re likely to get a whole lot more (too much) in the next few days. Will try to send some east.

But Pav let me warn ya. It rained cats and frogs in my old stomping grounds of Phillips County and East Arkansas last night. Quite a bit of flooding. Reports of a car floating down the road in Dewitt. So Cal no doubt needed what they got. Eastark, not so much.

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But girl, don’t they warn ya,
It pours, man it pours


Rained a lot in Southern Arkansas last night too, I promise!


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