It looks like

4-star defensive tackle Kayden McDonald will visit for the Bama game. Hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s looking like it will be an official visit.


He’s one of those ‘unicorns’ - Bonafide SEC DL. He’s the type of player we have to start getting if we expect to be in the upper echelon of CFB

What a great bit of news!

If not that weekend, I expect them to make another one.

Kayden is a difference maker. We need him to become a Razorback, he is definitely the level of player at such a critical position that would help get us to 10-win seasons.

Be great if he not only visited but signed he’s the kind of guy we’re going to have to start getting

At this point, it doesn’t appear this will happen. One week it sounded good but not so now.

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Looks like there is momentum with Clemson

Things can always change but I expect him to take visits.

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