It looks like the ticket office is preparing for COVID

Looking at my account, it now says “Tickets are typically available 48 hours before the game.”

A few days ago, the tickets for all games showed up in my account.

My account showed all tickets, but also had that disclaimer when I checked last week. The ticket office said tickets would be available about 2 weeks before the first game.

They’ve said that for a month, it hasn’t changed anything. It lists the number of tickets each game and has had the “tickets are normally available 48 hours before the event” for weeks.

And yes, we’re a month out from the first game, we never got tickets when they were cardboard until about 15-17 days before the first game.

The 48 hour deal is new. At least, it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

It makes me think they are gearing up for spreading people out due to COVID ( if conditions keep worsening).

It’s been that way on all mobile tickets, they’ll show up a lot sooner than 48hrs before a game.

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