It looks like the multiple transfers saying Arkansas is recruiting them -------------

------------------------------- is probably sending a strong message to current players that some of them need to look at getting into the transfer portal too. All of this active recruiting is not just because Isiah may not come back. The longer they put off trying to transfer, the fewer slots are going to be open. They have to be aware of all of this. Coach Muss may be taking the old “if you can’t compete for playing time you need to move on because I am going to find a way to replace you if I can” to a new level. It is definitely a professional coach mentality. There is a new sheriff in town in terms of competitiveness and toughness and I am not saying that is bad, just new for some of us.

Muss and staff will be recruiting non-stop every year while he’s at Arkansas.

I don’t think it’s so much a message being sent to the guys on the team as much as it shows they won’t be caught with their pants down when kids do decide to leave.

Kind of the old “chicken and egg” thing. Which comes first someone leaving and then you go replace them or try real hard to find replacements and let that encourage some to leave? I guess a little of both.

It can. But I think we’re going to see Muss recruit every year even when it appears there isn’t any spots or any movement on the roster.

Yes, I think he learned his lesson last year with being down to 9 bodies and 3 sitting out. He won’t let that happen again.

Hey you don’t win the Kentucky Derby with a Mule! better get the best Horses you can!

I agree totally youdaman!

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