It looks like it's Ole Miss or nothing for us winning SEC game this

next week will determine whether we win an SEC game in my opinion and based on how well their defense played this week and how pathetic our offense played it would take a huge turn of events for us to win next week

I am suddenly fearful of Colorado State and San Jose State.

Sadly I am to my friend!

CO St has a really good QB. I saw him last night and he played well even in the loss.

Based on today’s pitiful offensive performance, I don’t see us winning an SEC game. It looked like a repeat of last year. Hopefully, we can win our 4 nonconference games. We still don’t have a quarterback, and play calling was horrible. First and 5 at Portland St’s 10 yard line in the fourth quarter, we gain a total of 3 yards and kick a field goal - says everything about my concerns with this coaching staff. Why on earth wasn’t Boyd in the game at that time? It’s going to be another very, very long fall!!

Rebs 100 Hogs 0

A lot of folks will be let down if the Hogs win.

That’s my plan.