It looks like Creighton has regressed

Just lost to Nebraska on their home court by double digits!


Yeah I watched the second half. They were brick layers. Nebraska ran layup drills. Blue people looked awful.

Nebraska was run off the court by St. John’s. St. John’s was clobbered by Iowa State. ISU would beat the Hogs by 50. 60 maybe. If we get matched up with ISU we just need to forfeit and go home.


My concern this season is who have “we” beaten. So, we ran off San Jose St…well done.

Not sure Creighton has regressed; they just might not be that good.

Creighton had one of those nights where they hit shots even when we were in their faces. It happens, typically on the road in the SEC. It will happen to us again at some point. But they are better than what they showed today for sure.

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There is no question you’ve got your finger on the very pulse of college basketball.


Great insight Jere

Well it looks like a few of the anti-Muss folks have found their way over here from Hogville.

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No, by all means, please keep dropping your vast nuggets of knowledge on all of us idiots who happen to think that the Hogs are really good.

I’ll wait.

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What in the world did I note to draw your ire.

Creighton’s big man looked like Connor Vanover on defense in first half.

I watched Texas A&M some against Boise. They did not look good. Broncos made Buzz sweat as usual.

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Buzz is gonna kill his career at A&M. They will never care about basketball there.

Speaking of A&M KK not getting any run there either….maybe Muss does know what he’s doing.


The bottom of the league looks pretty bad so far … if the Hogs stay relatively healthy, they should win at least 5 of the 9 SEC road games on the schedule and have coin flip games at KY, TN, AU and Bama.


KK averaging 2.7 pts game in his 3rd year. More turnovers than assists.

No shame in losing to Arizona on a neutral floor early on and competing well but losing at Texas when you have an awful shooting night. The Nebraska loss is troubling, though, without a doubt. Creighton is a really good team that has shot 21% from 3 the last 2 games. I bet it doesn’t have a 2-game stretch (14/67 from 3) like that again the rest of the season. Creighton’s defense will be the key to its entire season.

I’ll take 3-4 losses on the year.

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I don’t think Creighton has regressed! They were hit when the hogs played them and they were gifted free throws with a one sided crew of ref’s!
If the hogs played them again this season the results would be much different.


He obviously does, but I still hate it for KK. He was so good in HS. Really wish that would’ve worked out, but I’ve moved on.