It Just Means More...

No, not the SEC…

The opportunity for little brother to one-up big brother.

This evening, I saw one highly-motivated team really take it to another, rather uninspired team.

We were as uninspired as I have ever seen a Razorback team. Pitching can go like this, but the fielding was simply awful. I bet we had more errors, or plays that were errors whether scored as such or not, than we’ve had all season put together. Franklin, Kjerstad, Martin, Ezell, Plunkett, Kenley, Burton (was it a throwing error on that throw to 1st?). Have I overlooked anyone? Was it Nesbit who caught the pop up in foul territory then slipped so the runner on third could tag & score?

As far as I know, the only player who didn’t screw up on defense was Fletcher.

I hope DVH can right the ship, but right now I see an iceberg not far ahead. Not a good time to be short a pitcher & headed to Aub & Vandy.

Frank was right.