It just means more... competition

I saw RD retweeted this earlier… Its awesome to see Arkansas show up on this list.

It’s also scary to realize that the entire SEC west is also on this list. I’m sure that our team will get better, and CCM is obviously a good recruiter. However, I’m afraid there will have to be a shift of some kind in the dynamics of our situation for us to experience any type of sustained success in conference play or legitimate CFP relevance. I just can’t picture us winning more than 9-10 games in a season any time in the next decade playing the conference schedule that we do, no matter who is coaching. And as we’ve seen the past two years, and several more times over the past decade, this division will make an average-to-mediocre team look like an all-time terrible team.

Happy Monday everybody.

Arkansas will very rarely win more than 9-10 games in a season even if Nick Saban is the coach - not enough top tier in state talent being the biggest issue.

Arkansas fans should hope for what we saw under Nutt and Petrino in the SEC:

Slightly above .500 in SEC play

An entertaining product

A competitive product with games that are 4th quarter games and blowout losses in league games a rare occurrence.

Always beat non P5 opponents

Bad years are 2-6 in the SEC, 4-4 is a good year, and anything above this is a very good year.

What I’ve laid out above has been done and realistically can and should be done again on a regular basis when the program gets right and hopefully stays right.

Yup, yup. Coaching doing better than what is laid out here is doing a helluva job :sunglasses:

Agreed. Petrino and Nutt both proved that Arkansas can win 10 games in the SEC. But honestly, those seasons were the exceptions to rule for the Hogs in the SECW.

I will be happy, like you, to just see a good, competitive team play again, regardless of the conference record.

I just am bad about only following Arkansas recruiting, and have been really excited to see us set a “personal best” in recruiting rankings. Its a little demoralizing to take a wider view and realize that your personal best is just nearing what the divisional average is.

On a brighter note, I am still thrilled that we are at least going in the right direction to be in the same “league” as our opponents talent-wise. 38-0 against Mizzou should never happen, and it is downright embarrassing to think about how low we actually are on the SEC football pecking order.

Edit: I’m a big CCM fan. Its easy to get down about the way things have been, but they are sure working hard to change that. It will be exciting to see how some of these new recruits shape up next season.