It Just Hit My Wife about This Game!

She likes the Hogs, but just does not follow it like we do or get that caught up in it. We were just packing getting ready to head over to DEN for the flight down to DFW, and she said, “This is a Big Game isn’t it”. I said you just figure that out? She said first you agreed to fly down and we never do that. Then you bought those expensive tickets and did not gripe too much, but the real tip was the cap you pulled out. The last time you wore it was at the Sugar Bowl and the LSU Game before that. You only pull that one out for very special situations.

Then she asked if that means we get to go back to New Orleans for New Years. I said that is way down the road, but this game could lead to something like that. It is potentially a big step.

Just in case it ends up mattering, the two goal games this year are Peach and Fiesta – the CFP semifinal games, both on NYE. Sugar would be good, to be sure, but Peach would be better. Even if we’d be playing in Atlanta twice in a month.

I am pulling for your lucky cap!

Proposing a toast to your current trip to Dallas, lucky Cap, and future trip to New Orleans on New Years!

A toast to your wife for recognizing the fact also.


Sometimes it takes my wife a day or two to realize that every game is a big game but there are some that are bigger than others. This is one of those.

If I wasn’t going to Hawaii in a week and half, I would be going to Dallas for this game. There are other priorities and my wife’s 60th birthday is while we are vacationing in Hawaii.


I am to wear a lucky hat tomorrow too!

Hopefully luck is a bunch of “horsefeathers”! I want us to beat them tomorrow because we are the better team!! WPS!!!

I hope Jim and Pam bring us a victory. :shock: