It is way past time

To name the court at Bud Walton “Nolan Richardson Court.” I was a manager for Coach Richardson on the 94 National Championship team, and I will tell you he is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met in my life. The man is beyond a legend, and his heart is the biggest part of him. I’ll always cherish my years with him as a Razorback. Please tell whoever you can that it is time to put his name on that court. Thank you. Go Hogs!

Agree. Hunter Yurachek is the man making that decision. He’s the one to contact. And I have.

I agree,

To put it quite honestly, and with no disrespect to what Eddie Sutton did here before he crawled to Kentucky, but Bud Walton Arena would not even exist were it not for Nolan Richardson. The man is a treasure who took Arkansas Basketball further than anybody thought it could go, and he deserves to be immortalized accordingly.

I agree 100%. W P S !

Name the court? The man deserves that and a statue outside the arena. Broyles and McDonnell have statues(deservedly so), so why shouldn’t Richardson have one.

I agree, too. It’s “time” because Nolan is no longer a young man, and a posthumous salutation would be nearly meaningless. Besides, a 25th year tribute would be cool.

Two reasons:

  1. Politics
  2. Waiting on Mike to make a deep run in the NCAA Post Season Play after all Mike is Nolan’s mentee.

As for me I’ll hoping this team surprises everyone with a run in postseason play, the pieces are there, we have balance on both sides of the ball, an overall good team chemistry coupled with a good basketball IQ means this team want continued to make repeated mistakes

No way. National Championships are not that hard to win. That happens often at Arkansas. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Agree name change, agree statue.

Special coach, so sorry for how it ended.

I like Nolan Richardson…he was a great coach. Eddie Sutton, however, was a great coach. Eddie built this program from not much to be a powerhouse. Without Eddie, Nolan would not have done nearly as well at Arkansas as he did. Eddie laid a strong foundation for Nolan. Both men were Hall of Fame coaches. We know great coaching because we had it with Eddie and Nolan for 25-30 years. Mike Anderson, like those who came before him, has some big shoes to fill.

The job Coach Sutton did and the program he built at Arkansas were a huge part of the reason Bud Walton was built.

Eddie left under less than desirable circumstances as did Nolan. Neither exited with grace. But I still like and admire both coaches.

I agree with you on this: The court should be named after Nolan. After all, Nolan’s legacy was built at Bud Walton while Eddie’s was built at Barnhill.

Eddie has a court named for him already. It’s in Stillwater.

I agree with most of what you say, but to say he wouldn’t have been successful without Eddie is a bit of reach.

CNR was successful everywhere he coached. He didn’t do well with Eddie’s players and it took him recruiting players for his system to succeed.

I think he would had the same success if he was following Pelphry.

I do agree that without Eddie Sutton, we probably wouldn’t have as many basketball fans. Eddie made it fun to be a Razorback fan.

bench with both of them, they were both great coaches in their own ways.

I only knew one way to play basketball under Coach Sutton, but my eyes were opened by Coach Richardson and his style.

I would have had a mixture of both if I had gone into coaching. I had the opportunity to do so at Kentucky with Coach Sutton, but chose to stay at Arkansas and do what I was meant to do - write about others playing and coaching.

And we are so thankful that you remained here. I know I am,

I also agree on the court and statue. WPS

Well said & there is great admiration for both Coaches.
Eddie made AR basketball prominent with his style.
Nolan had a few sluggish years flipping the roster then continued the success all the way to a NC with his style.

I agree. so lets start a grass roots movement. maybe a go fund me page. I would certainly donate for a statue. How do we start this?

A statue, while nice, is not as big as having a court named after you. Bud Walton Arena was his classroom, his showplace, and it’s court should bear his name. I remember vividly during practice how Coach Richardson would play “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” by McFadden and Whitehead over and over and louder and louder on his new Bud Walton sound board during that inaugural and National Championship season. The players and us managers had no idea what we were listening to at the time, but I guarantee you, to a man, we all get a tear in our eye every time we hear that song now. I have no pull whatsoever, but that man’s name should be on that court forever.

And one more thing. The slobbering Hog should have never been removed and needs to come back when they paint Coach Richardson’s name on the court. Then things will finally be as they should be.