It is usually dingbats from Kansas............

…and dingbats in general like Les Miles that mangle the Arkansas pronunciation, but now Missouri is getting into the act, too. Doesn’t the Arkansas River run through Kansas? Isn’t the river pronounced like our state everywhere but probably in Kansas? Isn’t there an Arkansas City in Kansas on the Arkansas River. I believe they pronounce the name of their city like we do our state. As I understand it, the two state names originated with two different Indian tribe names and both were just poor attempts at two different times to turn those sounds into European words. The people translating Arkansas were French and the last letter in most French words is silent, ergo AR-Can-Saw became the correct pronunciation. Get a life people. I guess since Missouri plays in a high school stadium, all they can come up with are junior high school insults.

Actually, Arkansas City, Kansas, is pronounced “Ar-kansas.”

I refuse to buy into the manufactured hype of this matchup (not going to call it a rivalry); be it from the Athletic Department or Mr. Beisel.

The whole manufactured rivalry thing is just so cynical, smarmy, and fake. I’m not playing along.

I blame two entities: One is David Bazzel, who cannot resist the temptation to create an oversized, overweight trophy for anything; and Shelter Insurance, who somebody suckered into sponsoring this “rivalry”. I know Shelter is based in Columbia and does business in both states, but still, this is lame.

The rivalry will develop with meaningful games, not a trophy. We had meaningful games with LSU starting in 2002. Misery 2014 was sort of meaningful (we could have knocked them out of the East title), but not like both were playing for a CFP spot or something.

As I understand it, Jeff Long approached David to create the trophy. Jeff told him he wanted something similar to The Boot and David obliged to help his alma mater. So I think your blame is misguided there.

OK, then Jeff gets the blame. But Baz still wants a trophy for everything, generally one it takes two people to carry.

Oh sure, you don’t like the rivalry now, but when we win that trophy we get to go home and use it to cut out giant Christmas cookies!

I could not agree more.


You’re absolutely right, looks like a giant cookie cutter.

If you go with Arkansas and Louisiana as a boot, I guess Missouri and Arkansas would be the abdomen and the thighs. Which makes the border line… you can figure it out. Iowa is the chest, Minny is the head. I guess.

The Arkansas River does not run through Missouri. It starts in Colorado, runs through Kansas, Oklahoma & Arkansas before joining with the Mississippi. However, that’s no excuse for mispronuncing the name. Yeah, they make a point in Kansas of pronouncing the river name as Ar-KAN-sez, but nowhere else is it pronounced that way. Not in Colorado, Ok, or here. Everyone knows it’s AR-kan-saw. Screw Kansas. We ought to start pronouncing that state Kan-Saw. They don’t have their own river so we can’t do anything about that.

Actually, there is a Kansas River, and it runs through Lawrence before joining the Missouri River in KCK. The Kansas, though, is better known as the Kaw, and is mentioned in the lyrics to the KU fight song : “Cause I’m a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk up at Lawrence on the Kaw.”

My law school roommate was from KS and that’s exactly what I did when he pulled the Beisel stuff.

I believe he knew how to pronounce it. I believe that was intentional to get a rise out of Arkansas folks. It worked.

I believe it is a transliteration from the Quapaw meaning “the land down river.”

doh! (slapping self on forehead). I knew that & completely forgot it. Oh well, old age sucks.

I don’t think anyone doubts he knows how to pronounce it, but that’s not as universal as one might think. I got a solicitation call about 20 years ago from some girl in Ohio. She said something about me living in Little Rock Ar-KAN-sez. I told her no such place existed. She argued that she was looking right at it on the form & it said that’s exactly where I lived. Now this was back when Bill Clinton was President & Arkansas got more publicity than usual. Regardless, I told her I wouldn’t contribute any money to any entity whose employees didn’t know the state they were calling. I was probably rude, but I didn’t really care. Didn’t want to contribute to them, anyway.

My new boss came rolling in back in July and asked me how it was in Ar-kansas. i told him I lived in Arkansas and the illiterate and uneducated called it Ar-kansas. I then educated him on when we were admitted to the union, how we were named, how Kansas was named and that, if anything, Kansas should be called Kan-saw

He got quiet a moment and then said “I guess you dont like that, do ya?”

It’s been great ever since.

I hope the Mo-zoo linebacker can correctly pronounce am-bu-lance after Skipper introduces himself.

I think the only word he’ll be able to manage is “Mommy…”