It is time for me to admit that my post after the MissState loss ------------------------

------------ was really dumb and I need to man up and say I am sorry for doubting this coach and this team. I said this team would finish in the middle of the SEC because we had no SEC caliber point guards. (It was proven to be not totally invalid yesterday when Devo replaced Notae at the point and LSU turned him over for scores about three times before Lykes came to the rescue, so we are still a little light on point guards, but Muss has overcome that.) The dumbest thing I said was that MissStake had recruited the portal better than we had. Now that our three 6-6 multi-talented portal recruits have mastered Muss’s positionless basketball offense and super intense defense, I see that Muss is the genius in the room of college basketball and I am way outside somewhere twiddling my thumbs thinking I am qualified to doubt him. I am not worthy to be a fan of his but hope to do better in the future. Go Hogs and thank God he is our head basketball (I had to change this. It was football. Still no genius here) coach. We are in good hands and I need to shut up now. Thanks for letting me confess. It is supposed to be good for the soul. We shall see.


That was a tough stretch.

0-3 in conf.

I was at the TX A and M game and was so disappointed after that loss.

Shook my head and said, NIT is unacceptable.

Now here we are.


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Coaching matters. Never forget that. And it’s clear this coach has it. He can flat out coach. He will (and has) figured out his team. It’s great fun to watch. Devo had two turnovers that changed the momentum. Can’t make high turnovers that lead to points. A turnover on the baseline isn’t as bad as one at the top of the key.

Road losses in January don’t define you. This team had not played in true road games.

Arkansas makes SO much money with home games it’s difficult to go away in December.

But it worked out (except for the NET). But they may not have won road games in December anyway. They were a long way from figuring things out.

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I cannot think of other coaches or teams that go 0-3 and then, figure it out, and almost win the regular season crown. Maybe it happens more than I realize but, I suspect, we have a one in a thousand head coach that can drastically remold and recast a struggling team better than most other coaches.

I just came across a thread from 2019 that said Muss can’t recruit, he’s a mediocre mid-major coach, we’re going to wish we’d kept CMA, etc.

Boy, that take aged well, didn’t it? But I don’t think the author of that drivel ever manned up and admitted it, so props to you.

In fact, here’s that thread.

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I really think that was Mike Anderson Jr. that was posting under that name.

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Swine the worst thread I remember was the first half of Auburn at home last year right after getting blown out back to back by LSU and Bama. I think that’s when a couple of posters (and I remember them) called our coach a “joke”. Ridiculed him for his social media. Never forgotten that.

I remember that thread. One of those posters disappeared quickly.

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That was interesting reviewing that thread
I remember it now

I do wonder who that guy was

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