It is strange to me

that both Hog and Ole Miss fans will be watching and hoping they are not the worst team in the league; .

It was that way last year and in 2017, too. These two programs seem to have fallen well behind the pack in the division.

I will say that for the first time since I left Arkansas in 1958, our fan base is greatly divided.
The little squables of the past are now great divides.

What’s dividing us now?

From where I sit: “fire the coach” “bench the QB” “tear down WMS” “we have a great coach”

“throw more deep passes” “bench this guy and that guy” etc. and etc.

Been that way for years, lol.

Both programs are indeed well behind the pack. One has a good excuse - probation and all of the troubles that come with it.

The other has no such excuse.

Very sad, frustrating, and also infuriating.

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That is always the same. It was no different in the 60s and 70s. Fans are fans.

I was not there of course, but to me over here in Georgia, the big change was airplanes flying over the stadium demanding the coach be fired. I could not believe that.

Tennessee says hey.

Speaking of Tennessee…the meltdown here in Chattanooga has been epic.

One TN friend said he’d put his name in the transfer portal…

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