It is so nice to have a dependable kicker

It is a little like Linus having his security blanket…comforting. It has been several years, but Little is a really good kicker under pressure. He makes a huge difference in this SEC competitive, crazy world.

A good dependable kicker is worth their weight in gold.


Is he any relation to Steve Little?


I remember being spoiled as a kid with what seemed like great FG kickers every year. Steve Little, Ish Ordonez, and Bruce Lahay. Coach Turner seemed to work his magic every season. I used to love watching those guys warm up pregame…… while also seeing Steve Cox boom 50-60 yard punts routinely.

Then Kendall Trainor and Todd Wright were solid during my college/med school years.

Nice to think we have solid place kicking for the next few years.

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No doubt about Little. However lets not overlook punting stats from yesterday. Special teams stepped up yesterday

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