It is sad we made the wrong choice a couple years ago

Thanks Dudley for telling like it is

Cant fathom another year of BB and his coulda, shoulda, woulda press conference excuses…

We all know what we should have done. We should not have fired Nutt or hired Malzahn. Should not have hired Petrino or let Smith be the interim coach. Should not have hired CBB or CCM.

The problem is we just didn’t know in advance what would happen. I’m ready to start knowing what’s going to happen instead of what did.


Neastarkie, that is the post of the year.

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You better not, Duds! :smile:

In 6 sentences neastarkie sums it up.


Good one! Maybe we can all debate if that’s as big of a mistake as the Smiley debacle!

Now that was a good one, JR up 1-0 :sunglasses:

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How many years now and this name keeps coming up? :rofl:

I’m pretty sure Bama fans don’t discuss ex coaches as much as other programs do. Even the Bear is somewhat in the rear view.
But they could be ready to fire Saban for not making the playoffs this year. Shame on him.

Many on this board still hold contempt for Texas at almost a psychotic level and we’ve not been conference opponents in nearly 30 years. Contempt to the point they’d hold a possibly OC’s college choice against him.

I don’t think the dumpster fires known as Bielema and Morris will be forgotten about anytime soon.

3 dumpster fires in a row.

It all started with a bike ride into a ditch.

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Morris was just fine as a person but he didn’t show he was up to the job of rebuilding our program the way I see things. WPS

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Should Bielema have been fired? Yes.

Was Morris an upgrade over Bielema? No.

Would Jackson’s mancrush Norvell have done any better? We don’t know. He may not be up to Power 5 just like Morris wasn’t. And who knows, if CM gets a second chance he might get it right like Orgeron did.

Did Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III screw us over? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Would BP have imploded even if he’d kept his side squeeze off the payroll? What happened at Louisville says yes.

Nope. That’s what you call a walk off mic drop.:rofl:

How bout your disdain for the name Booger or having a method of measuring athletes named after you? Personally I would like to hear more stories about great Newport athletes of yesteryear. Wasn’t Rodney Brand a greyhound? I remember watching a great RB named Ronnie Hooks or Hoofs, not sure which, run all over my Helena Central Indians in the late 60’s. I think he signed with the Hogs, but never played.

It’s time to look forward! Throw all of the negative thoughts from the neck brace up to 2 weeks ago and forget it!

I’ve been hoping for Coach Sam Pittman to return to the hill ever since he left. We have a working mans coach now that will roll his sleeves up and go to work. All hands on deck and moving forward!

Then why do you keep throwing out/ rehashing the last 2 years and ccm?

I have no problems with Booger.

Jim “Bad News” Barnes, Rodney Brand, Billy Warren, Justin Brown are some others

Mr. Newport… Bill Keedy. Great man and coach. Gone too soon!