It is sad we made the wrong choice a couple years ago

as it appears several other guys would have won four games at least. That would not have been great, but so much better but we have no choice but to move on.

I think several other guys would have won more than 4 games each year. We just picked the wrong guy.

Keeping Bielema would have been better than what we wound up with, is the honest truth (Jackson, as much as you hate him you know I’m right). And we wouldn’t have gotten the reputation as a coach killer school.


Just because we hired a fraud doesn’t mean Bielema needed to stay - his personal failings resulted in 5 stars going elsewhere, Pittman leaving, NFL coffee boys on staff, etc.

No, the mistake was not hiring a brilliant young coach named Mike Norvell when we had the chance.


Why don’t you just move to Tallahassee and be his yard boy?


Only if you’ll agree to move to cold, snowy Boston to be Bert’s bartender.


That one got me laughing

I do agree that one more year of bielema would’ve probably been better, but On the flip side of that, we wouldn’t have had the recruiting class we had last year. If chad did one thing well, the 19 class was a hell of a class, and we need those guys this year.

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We probably should have kept BB another year since we didn’t have a real AD (Long was fired too) to hire his replacement.

Morris is probably a fine man, maybe a decent OC, but he was a disaster at UA.

it was his staff. on the offensive side he brought in basically grad assistants other than lunney. the running back and receiver coach were very good recruiters. we kept one and the other got a head coaching job. but craddock and the offensive line coach were stretches at best.

on the defensive side, chavis had seen his best years long ago. caldwell was the only coach on that side worth something.

i think if morris would have made changes or let it be known to hy that changes were on the way staff wise he might have kept his job or at least could have bargained better, but the more i read, team split, never a buy in, was mostly because of him. talked a good game, but eyes don’t lie. what we saw on the field was a very poorly coached team in all phases of the game.

two plays, the fake fair catch against north texas and the fake 4th down play this year, were just atrocious and made us, along with the blowouts, the laughingstock of college football.

i am in agreement with jackson, we could have had norvell but amateurs were doing the search and they were like the grad assistants morris brought with him from smu. way over their head. keeping the Wisconsin guy was the wrong thing to do. he was good on the podium, but behind the scenes, staff hires, losing pittman and cheney, and the personal stuff no-one acknowledges were real.

now we have pittman… guy is what you see, he is not polished speaker by any means, but if he can bring in the right staff, we can recruit, then coach our way out of this mess. gonna take some time.


Going to be so cool when football discussions don’t include the names Bielema and Morris.


amen to that mr dudley.

That my friend will be many years from now, geez we still talk about Nutt and Petrino at some point in almost every football thread. I wonder if all fan bases are so enamored with all the ex coaches? You can always tell whose not gonna let it go based on the “Mike” “Bobby” first name stuff.

Dudley, How about we talk about your days as UA Hoops Manager?

Oh, I’ve been told by several posters that I talk about that too much.

And Newport. And Charles Balentine. And Eddie Sutton. And Nolan Richardson. And my personal disdain for Bobby Petrino. And the Cardinals, Cowboys and Celtics. And my late wife, my current wife, my kids, my car accident, my mom and brother passing away, my friendship with Bill Self and so on.

So let’s just keep it on current day sports. :sunglasses:


Now, what was that about moving on?

How about your disdain for the Batesville Pioneers?:grinning:

:laughing: :rofl:

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Yes, I do have disdain for the Pioneers, but not the people of Batesville.

Interesting how you worded that line there. I knew I was right when I said your love of the Cards and the Celtics was a front. You now admit to disdain for the Cards, Cowboys, and Celtics!! I knew you was a closet Cub and Laker. And football I’ll have to guess, a Giants fan right? LMAO :stuck_out_tongue: