It is really hard to believe

Jacorey Williams won CUSA player of the year, leads his team in points, rebounds, and has his team ranked in the top 25.

I know he had to be released, but he could be a huge asset for us.

I can’t help but be excited for him after everything that happened here at Arkansas.

That’s awesome for JaCorey, I haven’t had an opportunity to watch him play this year, but definitely will check him out once the tournament starts.

I was looking forward to his senior year here, thought he was primed for a great year, but like you said he just did too many things, had to release him. Good for him for bouncing back and making the most of a second chance.

In preseason interviews JaCorey gave credit to what he learned on the court with the Hogs. There are some YouTube clips out there that I can’t locate right now.

Ive watched him play and followed his team. By reviewing the box scores of their games it’s apparent that J Williams could have made a major impact for the hogs last year as well as this year.
MA has standards and stood firm to his values! I respect MA for enforcing standards and being a strong leader. MA will not sell out just for the sake of winning!
I hope that J Williams has a good run in their conference tournament and the Dance. That’s until or if his team plays our hogs.

Don’t’ think he could have played here both last year and this year. He played in '12-'13, '13-'14, & '14-'15. Had he not been dismissed, last year would’ve been his final year of eligibility.

Correct. He might have made a game or two difference for us last year. Probably not even enough to make the NIT.

Jacorey was my favorite Hog while he was here. Loved his energy and he played basketball on instinct and without fear and hesitation. That is how I judge players beyond their basketball skills. I heard Nolan say that is what he always looked for in a recruit.

There have been reports that before he was dismissed, he looked like the best player on the team during the pickup games and practices. I have no doubt if we had Jacorey last year, at a minimum Hogs would have been NIT bound.

We lost 8 games by two possessions or less last season. Williams would have been an improvement at both ends at our weakest and most foul prone position. Heck, just having another body against Wake Forest and Stanford could have been the difference in those games when Thompson was hobbled. Williams could easily have been an extra four wins just on what he could have done on D. If he had made a significant leap on O like Bell did, who knows. That team wore down on offense towards the end of the season. Just having another player in the rotation would have helped.

Comments: I’ve said this’s many times, J Williams would have been that missing piece at the 4 position that would have sent Ark back to the tournament. With J Williams those close games we lost last season would have been victories and Mike knew this young man had turned corner. regardless he couldn’t save him so he placed Williams in a good program where he would have fresh start…