It is official! CBB Program took big step back this season!

I have been a CBB fan but I try to be realistic about things.

Earlier in the CBB regime, we had a string of SEC losses in a row, that got stopped. We had a string of losses at away games in a row, that got stopped and we started playing very well at away games. We had a string of close game losses in a row and that got turned around into a string of close game wins in a row for us for a while. We have just seen a season with a string of second half collapses in a row. CBB promised all of us at halftime of the Belk Bowl that this time his team would play hard in the second half and they just played scared, desperate, and stupid. Trying to do too much, fumbling chances, jumping offsides, throwing at unopen, well covered, receivers, throwing too hard to a receiver feet away causing a bounce interception to a defensive lineman,… they just panicked. They showed all the symptoms of a poorly coached team in the second half while looking like a well coached machine in the first. VaTech got pumped up at halftime, came out and played hard, and we collapsed. The harder we tried to answer VaTech, the more mistakes we made. This team scored several times in the second half against Bama! What has happened to them since? Is the offensive system such a delicate balance of play calling that simple defensive adjustments at halftime just shatters that balance over and over? Is this team’s confidence or character so shallow that it only takes a little adversity or one strong counter punch to make it fall apart and Austin Allen ends up trying to do too much taking desperate chances to compensate for its failures?

We are supposed to be a high character team but one senior leader gets caught shop lifting and is suspended, another gets ejected flagrantly spitting in frustration over his two turnovers I guess, and the team quits when it gets punched in the mouth after halftime again and again and again. This team’s character has some flaws that just got exposed bigtime in a very embarrassing second half Belk Bowl collapse. You add this embarrassment to the one at Auburn, the one at Missouri, the overall ineptitude on defense this season, and this program took a big step back this year. Next year will make or break CBB’s career at Arkansas. JMVVVVVHO

I think it’s been over for Bielema and his supporters for a while now - just wouldn’t accept it.

I don’t see anything being much different next year, record wise.

When his buy-out becomes manageable, he will be gone, IMO.

The AD maybe gone before that if the football and basketball programs don’t show vast improvements.

And please just hold the “building the program the right way” comments and the facility building comments.

Long never went to class one day for any of the athletes or prevented any athlete from breaking the law. And there must be a few dozens of ADs across the country, that with the support of the Razorback fans and supporters and the SEC TV money, could have launched a similar facilities building program.

I guess the question is, does the UofA administration (those to whom Long answers) really want winning programs in major sports.

Not at all sure they do as long as the money keeps flowing and the university is not embarrassed by some sports scandal.