It Is Interesting...

that of the five commits in the last two days none are from Texas. I see nothing negative about that, but some have blamed CBB’s firing on his lack of Texas recruiting so I just found it humorous.

Rakeem Boyd is from Houston

Austin Aune is from Texas

And the last staff basically ignored Oklahoma also.

I don’t care where he gets them.

Gas is right and why don’t you try to not bring the negativity into the efforts of this staff. There is no way in hell that BB would have signed any of the guys who have committed since this past weekends visits

Yes it does matter because that was all we heard that he would bring Texas BACK!
The RB is from texas but was a JC player

Who are the ones CBB could not have signed?
The OL that is rated an 80?

So far the recruits are not as high as CBB got.

The ones that signed in Dec were mostly CBB recruits except for the WR and OL from SMU

If CBB brought in these recruits there would be bitching because they do not have a big team offer list

Gas is right and why are you bringing up all the negativity that this board has endured over the efforts of the previous staff for years? Is it not correct that “There is no way in hell that BB would have signed any of the guys who have committed since this past weekends visits” is introducing negativity to the board?

Yeah Mason’s offer list was minus a couple of SEC teams…

Those guys that he flipped today can be game changers, don’t matter where they are from and trust me Texas will come shortly…

yeah right.

You really think he could commit to ND or Ala today and they would take a 3 star safety??

No way they would except it today.
They have 4 CB/S signed and all are either 5 or 4 stars including 2 that are the top ranked at their position

They are just sending out offers by the ton and then deciding on plan A,B,C

When you lose and you’re not getting guys from Texas it’s an issue. If you win and you’re not getting kids from Texas no one cares.

I suspect you’ll see 8 to 12 from Texas starting next year.

I really don’t care about what the previous staff has done or how much complaining would be done. That’s part of our problem as a fan base. No one ever thinks before putting that gear in motion that causes us to speak or type our thoughts into works.

This staff was hired after the football season ended! Bowl season was almost totally over. I could care less if a young man is from the moon! John Chavis will build a defense count on it. That’s what he has done for years. The star chasers may not like what going on but what did you expect!

In 2017 alone they signed Curtis, Fisher, and Curl. Hardly ignoring a state when you sign three.

Except it, lol, do you mean accept it? The don’t have a safety signed, who knows, maybe, maybe not. Also, didn’t realize ND was in the SEC…

I wa going based off the quote from the Oklahoma high school coaches that said they hardly ever saw the former staff

You have limited time on the road and can’t hit all of the schools. I would bet there’s some schools in Texas the current staff haven’t been to since their days at SMU. It’s impossible to hit every school.

There’s no doiubt, the previous staff had its downfalls, but they did a pretty good job in Oklahoma. You have to pick and choose where you will spend time recruiting. If they had averaged three a year from Oklahoma along with five to six a year from Arkansas and 10 from Texas, that would have been 72 of the 85-man roster over any four-year period. But they didn’t get 10 a year from Texas, and that’s where the majority of the criticism is being leveled. I don’t think their supposed “failure” to recruit Oklahoma was their downfall.

And you guys are griping at each other

Woods and Robinson are from Texas. My suspicion is that around half of this class, when its all said and done, will be from Texas.

Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope, but they wouldn’t complain very long. :wink: