It is good to see Jack Lindsey

Back in his rightful place as holder. Do us message board coaches get any credit for this development?


absolutely we message board coaches get credit. That’s the beauty of being a message board coach. We always make (or made) the right call. We know as soon as a play fails the on-the-field coach should have called a different one. We know as soon as one succeeds, it was the right call. We always know who should be the starting QB, who needs more touches…all of it. And none of us ever have to pay the price (or even admit it) when we were wrong. I love being a message board coach. The pay sucks, but the success rate is phenomenal.


Classic neastarkie right there. I could hear you say those typed words.

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You are correct and I don’t know if I’m the smartest when sitting in recliner or on the toilet.


Thing is, “message board credit” can only be redeemed on message boards…which makes it worth about $1 less than that dollar up of coffee you got at 7-Eleven this morning.

Oh no doubt about that. It’s worthless credit, but it’s credit nonetheless.

I’m glad when we stick to the college approach over the NFL approach, until we have NFL players on our team.

It would make some sense if they knew who punter is so that he could be holder. But punter is a revolving door. That has not gotten much message board time. Who should punt?

I’ve seen Jack handle two not so perfect snaps flawlessly.

I don’t think it would change anything this year. Jack needs to be holder. I think Bauer is punter.

Clay are you suggesting a message board special teams coach’s meeting to decide on a punter? I say we just go all Kevin Kelly and forget about punting. Most of us yell "go 4 it " on about 90% of all 4th down situations anyway.

Yes, I figured there are plenty who know which punter would be best and wanted to get that going here.

CSP said Bauer earned the right to punt against TAM and he out kicked the opp punter for sure. So it’s his until he messes up. I didn’t realize it was a debate.

I would love to see someone in the Power 5 actually try that. But I’m not advocating that Sam lead the pack.

I think Leach when he has an Offense, and Kiffin,come pretty close to going all Kevin Kelly.

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