It is Fun to See this BB interest Again

We will know a lot more after this coming weekend. I expect our BB program tobe able to play toe to toe with anybody. You will get beat some playing teams like we will this week , but that is OK in Nov. If we are competitive and I think we will be, this will pay off later in the season.

I thought last yr. against NC, they had big eyes for awhile and let NC get that big lead. Then, they started playing and almost pulled it out. They will now know what to do from the start.

Totally agree! Was actually talking to my dad last night about roughly the same thoughts as we were getting ready for deer hunting this morning with my twins.

Fresno tried to take Macon out of the game. I think you’ll see more defenses trying to do that; make someone else step up. Certainly Gafford and Beard did that last night.

Now the fun part of the season starts. Leave home and the friendly rims. Play OU, maybe UNC, maybe Michigan State or Oregon or DePaul or UConn. Portland is #240 in Pomeroy, Oregon is #35, UConn is #67, DePaul is #130. UNC is 15th, Sparty is 11th, OU is 19th. We’re 39th.

I really, really want to beat OU, and UNC beat Portland. I really want to see the “rematch.”