It is fascinating watching the grass install on webcam.........................

…this morning, the lights came on at 4:00 AM and they were there getting started. I assume the early start is best for the sod. They don’t seem to install after noon. Is there damage to the sod if installed during the hot part of the day or do they just end their 8 hour work day then and don’t want to pay overtime?

From what I understand, the need is to get the grass bales unfurled in cooler parts of the day, then to water the grass during the hottest part. Doug Karcher, one of the UA turf professors helping with the process, told me that the decomposition process accelerates when those bales are exposed to heat.

It is fascinating to watch. I’m excited to go back to sod.

Great questions by the way.

Odd question - sprinklers running in early morning hours before the 4am start, making the assumption it is on automatic timing, my question is someone there to make sure it cycles thru automatically? I wonder if somehow it gets screwed up and waterlogs one section without hitting rest of field, would it put grass field behind schedule?


Sprinklers running in evening too…saw it on the camera feed in last 30 minutes. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had a watchful eye during the watering time just to be sure for now. Man this field is going to look nice!

As I understood the plan, the watering was to take place in the afternoon when it’s hottest, not at 3 a.m.

If you look at the time lapse photos, they are watering about every hour or two all night long.

I believe you. I’m at work all night and can’t sit here watching the time lapse.

Where/what link are you seeing this on? Even looking at the thread above from the stadium cam, all I see is old footage of turf being removed and prep work.

click on the current time and it will pop up the previous hours with 3 or 4 times each hour.