It is being reported that Catalon

Is leaving via the portal by Trey Biddy. WTH!!! Unbelievable! I just don’t get it.

Coch Pittman said it in his press conference. That’s where Trey Biddy got it


Also, CSP recommended he declare for the draft instead of portal, but Cat is leaning towards a fresh start

He may learn a lot here in Tuscalooser, but he won’t enjoy the environment here–too many Roll Tide enthusiasts. (Assuming he wants his fresh start under Saban)

We have always been given the indication that he was a hog all the way through. This one really surprises me.
Unless he follows Odom to UNLV, I don’t get it.

Girlfriend lives in Georgia per social media. Maybe headed that direction.

I just think the guy may want a new fresh start. Be thankful he signed under Morris and stuck around.

He’s a difference maker when healthy, no doubt.

But he’s also a smallish safety with a bad injury history, with the second shoulder injury alarmingly coming from simply falling down flat on his stomach with no one landing on him.

I was not counting on him being back and being able to play at a high level next season. I’m a little surprised that he would go into the portal rather than trying to play his way onto an NFL roster, but that may be an indication that the shoulder would be a huge red flag right now…

He was going to be playing for a new DC this year anyway, so a fresh start now with a known commodity makes some sense if he has to play another year of college, rather than waiting to see who SP hires. I suspect that he’s got a decent NIL deal in his back pocket right now and is hoping that he can put a nice 2023 tape out there to improve his NFL chances and first contract money…


After the last two years could not blame him for trying a new start.

Time to move on.

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