It hurts me to root for LSU, but anytime Gus

loses, that is a good thing,

But, rooting for LSU??? OH THE PAIN.

I feel the same.

Yep. Me too. Flatten the Gus bus…

Why are people anti-Gus. UA didn’t have enough sense to hire him when we could. Did he ever turn down UA job? He puts a helluva great team on the field.

They tried and failed. Gus played the university for a pay raise to Auburn. He didn’t want to rebuild a team.

Did I dream all the drama 2 years ago?

My perspective was from 700 miles away, but I have never been a big fan of Gus. He won big in high school because he had more superior players than his opponents. He won at Auburn because he has the best QB in the nation. I will never understand why so many folks in NWA wanted a high school coach for our team.

Gus is the slimiest coach in the game. I never have rooted for Gus, or Auburn for that matter. I can’t think of a scenario where I would even be 50/50 about a game with Gus coaching.

Pretty certain that my UA fandom was spared by Gus not coming to UA.

Had to root for LSU today and I hate LSU, thats how much I dislike auburn and gussie.

It was a good day save for the Hogs. Both Texas and Oklahoma lost.

Gus pulled a fake injured player deal again today to stop the clock. It was pathetic. He has done that in the past.

Gus bus…boo!

That’s the first thing that I thought about. I thought the commentators were very “restrained” in the discussion of the “injury.”

And I had no trouble rooting for the corn dogs.

I won’t ever pull for a team coached by Gus!

I don’t agree with that assessment. Malzahn never wanted to leave Auburn but his agent delivered the offer. Gus was taking some flake for his eight win seasons. If he had gotten the signal that Auburn didn’t want him, I believe he would have come to Arkansas. This season Gus has a terrific defensive team and some good offensive player. He is suffering with a freshman QB who has a big name but is playing like crap. Give him Joe Burrow and he would be in the playoffs.