IT Help Needed

The “Congratulations Amazon User malware” is back on my mobile device. (IPhone 8 on Safari) it takes over the forum page (Recruiting and Football) when I try to read a post. I cannot access and use the site on my phone because of this issue that only present on this site. I had to go to my desktop computer, which is not affected, to make this post. No other site I access on my mobile device is affected. The problem is isolated to this site’s forums on my mobile device using the Safari browser.

Help please.

It happened to me a couple of days ago. I took a screen shot of my iPhone 8, also running Safari, and sent it to Marty. She was going to pass it on to the IT guys. I deleted my browsing history (go to settings, scroll down to Safari, scroll down until you see “Clear History and Website Data” and click that). Was able to navigate the board successfully after that, and it hasn’t reappeared.

That fix has not worked for me.

Have you tried a different browser?

Anyone else struggling to get the website to open up? I haven’t had luck, for the most part, for a couple of days. I figure it is all the football fans refreshing the page to see if Chavis has signed :slight_smile:

I posted this on the top of the site, but a power outage at our office the other night caused a massive server problem for us. The site seems to be operating normally now, but it has been slow for a while.

Matt, just saw that - duh! Thanks for the reply.

I’m still having trouble getting on the site. Sometimes it loads right up and others it takes several minutes and multiple attempts.

It is because we are still working to repair the technical issues. Hopefully it is corrected soon.

perpetual Chrome problem with too many re-directs, cleared setting Chrome is a problem on my desktop. got through on IE after struggling. Only this site is a problem. Firefox also misbehaved. Clearing cookies and cache is a pain.