It has been a bad day.

Both of my favorite coaches Norvell and Malzahn got out coached so both Memphis and Auburn lost. Then Arkansas loses by almost 30 points to Houston. Saying the coaches got out coached is probably not justified, but I’m frustrated.

OK, so a guy loses in double overtime to an undefeated team playing in its home stadium and he got outcoached? You guys are brutal.

Auburn get killed, Memphis barely loses. I’ll take MN and be thrilled.

Auburns best RB can barely lift his arms up.

According to some of the people on this board the loss of RW3 would equate to atleast 3 more wins to the hogs this year.

Don’t under estimate how good and how significant the loss of KJ21 wa. He should have been in the Heisman race.

I think fans are too prone to think football is a chess game where coaches simply make winning or losing moves. The players/pieces on the field/board have little to no impact on the outcome. When the players do make a mistake (Reggie Fish in the SECCG for infamous example), it’s a failure of coaching. When a player is recruited by everyone in the country (Brian Wallace), but doesn’t live up to the hype, the coach failed to develop him or they misevaluated him.

I think a lot of that kind of thinking is the result of “fantasy football” or video games involving “real players” that in reality is nothing close to real football. Just because you can take a team and go 12-0 in that game doesn’t mean it can happen in real life. You cannot duplicate personalities in a game.

Kiffin won his championship game.

I personally thought both Norvell and Malhzan did a good job under the circumstances today.
The bounces were not in their favor today!

:smiley: :!:

Sometimes frustration causes me to say things that I shouldn’t say then to top it off, Arkansas loses badly to Houston.