It feels weird

That we are Seemingly eating from Norvells “offensive line scraps“ so to speak In this class. FSU is a POOR program Right now no doubt about that, and considering both Henderson and Scott live much closer to u of a, AND that we hired an OFFENSIVE Recruiting guru as our HC… Doesn’t really feel like a problem we should be running into in relation to FSU

And please, spare everyone on this board the 2-10 thing. I’m not saying it’s easy but FSU shouldn’t be Imposing their will on is in that department

I’ve seen no evidence that says they are. Only speculation by internet posters.

True. I’ve just ready multiple times that both those lineman want to go there. But FSU will only take one. The other will have to settle on their second favorite

I’m pretty sure that’s CSP never being a head coach is being drilled into their heads by opposition. We’re just going to have to start winning to turn this around no matter how you want to look at it, that means a lot these days.



And the fact is Norvell was, no doubt, the “sexier” choice. Not saying in the long run Sam will or won’t be the better choice, just that most of the public thinks at this time that FSU made a better hire than we did.

We won’t know for a few years. I will admit Norvell was my choice 2 years ago and this time. I am all for giving Sam a shot and see what happens.


Marcus Henderson isn’t being recruited FSU, but Jalen St John is. St John has a scheduled OV with FSU Jan31.

Believe me. It’s not the School. But the State and thier proximity to the beach that plays a major factor. Norvell doesn’t hurt, but this is a major leap forward in competition and recruiting. It will soon be seen if he’s the real deal, or a small school coach in over his head.

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Always getting those two mixed up

Thanks for giving Sam a shot! He’s already done an amazing job of recruiting he and his staff will continue to do so.

Scott just wanted to leave the state regardless of the great things he said about his visit to the hill.

I’m pretty sure the fact that Pittman and crew didn’t have a full recruiting cycle is the main problem - one we won’t have going forward (after this current recruiting class)…

Plus, you’re never gonna win them all. Some kids, regardless of where they grow up, just want to go someplace else for their college experience. And I really don’t blame them for that - at all.

How about the 0-16 thing?

CSP has always stated it is about building relationships in recruiting. Once he and the staff have time to do that we should then see it start to pay off. As I mentioned in a another post, it didn’t help we were behind the 8 ball as it appears the last staff really didn’t pay much attention to him at all. Could be because he indicated he wanted to go out of state? Who knows but if he doesn’t want to be here this staff will find the guys that do want to be here.

We’ve had this discussion before, when Morris was here and now with CSP. Recruiting is mostly about relationships. When a coach is newly hired, he has not had time to build all of those relationships at his new school.

The true test will be in years to come.

Memphis and Norvell got on Scott first.

Ole Miss second. He would have signed early with them if Matt Luke had not been fired.

And showing up third was Arkansas.

I thought he was the best college prospect in the state, which is different from the best player. That’s why I had him No. 1 in the Hawgs Illustrated rankings.

Nothing has changed my mind about that.

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It feels weird that people are still talking about Scott

Any reason why the former staff did not put more focus on him? Clearly he was one of better prospects in state in area where we were struggling. Just doesn’t make much sense.

We weren’t just “late to the party” with Scott, we had a boatload of negatives to work around. Couldn’t do it.

From a “raw body count” we have greater needs than more than 2 OL in this class. From a “low hanging fruit” perspective we all expected an OL-coach-turned-HC to sign more. Truth of the matter, we just didn’t have recruits to chase down that were good enough for our new staff and weren’t signed/sealed/delivered by the early signing period. Be thrilled we are in on those we are in on.

And we are still going to out perform the “Recruiting Aggie” in year one. And, after 2-10, 2-10, 0-18, and whatever else is a real critique that gets in the way.

What other program with our recent success has been able to get visits OR LOIs from players coveted by the big dogs?

I think oklahawg just pretty much summed things up there.

As for Robert Scott, he visited a Memphis camp before he came to an Arkansas one.

And then kind of broke out as a junior.

This was more about his mom - and thus his - desire to broaden his horizons than anything else.