It feels like all we have left....

are memories. Long gone are the days of the 90s. I’m a little depressed on these last 2 games. I really believe all Arkansas fans want is consistency & a good product out on the court. And we look over & see games like SC/Bama or even Auburn/MSU… They play decently consistently. Or at least they don’t have these 20 points lapses.

What has happened to the Arkansas team that beat UT, Vandy, and A&M on the road? Where has that team gone? How do you fight through adversity on the road then come to BWA & look so lackadaisical!

I’m so frustrated right now. I like MA. I like these players but I’m failing to understand what’s going on with them right now. Does this team want to win?!

How can other SEC schools put a good product on the floor & we can’t seem to do it?! I just don’t understand it. I really don’t.

Recruiting! these players are only average. When we get better players, we’ll be more consistent. Meantime we have to endure.

Those games are similar. We feel behind and had to come back. This team does not play with effort from the tip off. Those memories are all that keep me hoping these next 2 classes coming in can bring some respect back to the Hogs!
Yes recruiting more talent will improve the quality of ball being played.
But right now we all get to watch kids from Arkansas come in and beat us! It’s sucks.

I am convinced the 90’s system of NR and CMA has been passed by the rest of college basketball. Better players may improve it some but it won’t be enough to overcome stubborn adherence to the 90’s system without in game changes. CMA won’t change the defense but he will keep rotating guys to find something that works in that archaic style. The players are frustrated. I think it is partly the system with some players that suck at defense which causes others to react from bad positions.

You nailed it, no effort! Their defense is nowhere like it was at the first of the SEC play. It’s embarrassing to know that Arkansas is known for the fastest 40 minutes and this is the outcome embarrassing!