It feels good to be among the elite

Arkansas did it again, 7 CWS in 20 years. Finishing in the top 3 for the 2nd time in the last 5 years.

It was sure fun! I’ll go away for the summer and see you all in football. Shout out to all the great posters who have great insight and information. I really enjoyed it, and for the first time I actually read this thread during games. “Youdaman”, I really enjoy and appreciate your posts especially.


P.S. The numbers don’t lie, DVH is one of the top 5 coaches in the country and will go down as an Arkansas legend. I know him from way back to in the day when we were all just UA students with big dreams ahead of us. He’s such a competitor and perfectionist. He’s always been his own harshest critic. That’s why he has risen to the top of his profession. I have no doubt he’ll win that National title. I remember running into him one summer in DFW; we were on that sky train between terminals. I was on a business trip and remember asking what on earth he was doing. He said, “I’m going on the road and recruiting players so we can win a National Championship.” Great guy, great person. We are lucky to have had him all these years. Have a great summer fellow Hogs !


Also, people with crazy opinions may not actually hold those opinions; they’re just trying to get a rise out of the rest of us. But it is also true that some clueless individuals think any time we don’t win the national championship, people need to be fired.

And yes, we were one of the last three standing; there are 298 other BSB programs who would trade places in a heartbeat.


The kids played their hearts out,that’s all we can ask of them,just got beat today and sometimes that is going to happen.I will really miss the guys that have poured their heart out the last several yrs! they will be hard to replace but we have asytem in place and I expect us to reload and be in the hunt next yr…Sept will be here before you know it.


We just ran out of pitching, and ran into a MLB like starting pitcher. 7 teams; all dancing as among the final eight, go home with a last game loss. Winning 3 games is still huge.


No Arkansas fan who is sane would advocate firing Dave Van Horn. Why even bring that to the board?

We are one of the finest college baseball programs in the NCAA lead by a great coach. We just need a little good fortune.

Go Sooners…beat Ole Miss!


I don’t even understand YOU bringing it up. Is it a taunt? Why? I guess since you are gone away for the summer, you wanted your side of the debate heard. Fair enough.


Well, Clay and another guy who responded —- that’s a good point. Why did I bring it up ?

I don’t really know, and I think you’re right, I really shouldn’t have said it at all. It really should have been a response to one of those harsh critic posts that I read, and I guess I was just being lazy and putting it out there because I did not really want to go back and find the post and respond specifically.

So I think I’ll edit to just give DVH props — hate to mess up something positive with something negative.

Thanks for all these responses — they come to my email. And when I saw what Clay posted, I decided I needed to take a break from my summer break and fix it.

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Kind of hard to believe that we made it this far with just one ace pitcher, and Conner wasn’t all that dominating all the time. Wonder what a difference Lockhart would have made on this post season run?

Lockhart? You mean Pallette?

Oh yea, you’re right.

we are all armchair coachs compared to DVH. I think this year same as last year basically, limited pitching and would say last year was better pitching with Weilander and Kopps closing. Maybe next year is better with some of our young guys, pitching always wins.

Glad to see Connor Noland closing out a career strong


I think you were trying to type Wicklander.

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Great post. Great coach in DVH. We are blessed to have him, he is a leader.

Ran out of pitching? Ummm… the vaunted Ole Miss offense score four runs in the last 18 innings. Now, we had a bad pitching performance Tuesday, but those arms were fresh. Just didn’t execute. Thursday, a classic pitchers duel determined by a couple of balls that found holes for them and a couple that didn’t for us. As Barry Switzer says, the other team has scholarship athletes too.

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Solid points. Baseball can break your heart.

cant believe i pay for board spell check

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